Whisky tasting dinner

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Hey guys! I'm back after some two years. I hope you've been fine!

Recently I've been thinking about organizing a series of whisky tasting dinners for a few of my friends (around six people) and would like to hear your opinion. It's a bit of a long term project, it's not going to happen in the next few weeks, but I need to start the experimentation and planning now.

My idea is to concentrate on single malt scotch (for now) and prepare a three-course dinner consisting of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. The trick is that each one of them has to match the whisky. I plan to choose just one bottle for the whole meal and try to come up with three courses where each would complement (or contrast) the whisky in a different way.

I know it's more customary to match a different whiskey to each course, but buying three bottles would probably be financially unbearable for us - one is enough. This of course makes the planning and matching much more of a challenge, but also adds to it some really appealling minimalism. The food could be really anything and I'll probably combine techniques and flavour profiles from various cuisines.

I have no experience matching whisky and food, though I have some experience matching wine.

1. Are there some books which deal with pairing whisky with food? Or maybe something about wine/beer pairing you can recommend?
2. Anyone tried this? Any interesting combinations you have discovered? I will appreciate any kind of inspiration.
3. Any other thoughts? :)
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I used to do this, make the foods to go with wines and/or whiskeys, for different reps in a liquor store. They would have tastings for $$$ that patrons would attend. I'm not at all too proud to say that at least as many people came for my food as for the drinks. LOL @ Me. Anyway ... I used to use Food & Wine magazine as my reference. NO Problemmos. One time however ... I made stuffed jalapeños that kinda blew some people's heads off. LOL @ Them ... sissy pansys.

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