whisking egg whites and cream together?

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hi all! i recently saw this video on you tube by nigella lawson when she's doing a white chocolate mousse.

however i noticed she placed the whites into the cream and whipped them up together. is this possible? arent egg whites suppose to be fat free ( most importantly ) in order to whip up? so how does the combination of both add up?

hope to be verified :D here's a link to the video ^^
YouTube - Nigella Lawson...White Chocolate Mini Mousse...
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She deals with the issue directly to the extent of saying that hers is the "express route" and that mousse is usually made with the cream and whites beaten separately; and inferentially after beating, when she talks about the soft, "satiny" texture she wants.

In any case, it's not a mistake on her part; and it seems to work.

Done correclty in the "traditional" way, and you get a light mousse whose airy lightness belies its deadly caloric content and actual richness. Lawson's technique seems to net ease, speed, and a softer texture with a more luxurious mouth-feel. No reason you can't prefer one above the other, or like both equally.

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Thanks BDL for the reply. so in that case..the main comparison between the both is clearly the speed and the end texture right?

however lawson's way the main leavining is not the whites but the cream right? and her's provide more of a dense and richer texture?

never knew you could mix both :p

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