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is there a way to prevent it from melting over a few to several hours or am i going to have to make new stuff every time it starts melting.  We put it in one of those like pastry bags so it comes out like frosting.  Towards the end of the night it inevitably starts melting and unable to hold any form...when that happens can I just empty it in a bowl, re-whip it and put it back in the bag? 
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It's not exactly "melting", but it looses the air you whipped in it.

I know some chefs heat the cream before whipping it and add a gelatine sheet that has been soaked for a while in cold water. The gelatine melt immediately in the hot cream.

Let the cream cool and then whip. It will be more compact but won't last forever, well at least a few hours longer. A whole night? I guess not.

This trick with gelatine is also used in sorbets to keep them longer intact on the plate when serving and eating them. Also used in mousse au chocolat to keep it compact.
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i don't have the time to heat the cream and add a gelatine sheet but cool idea

yes everytime it is not in use it is refrigerated but still loses air after a few hours...i have a lot of other things to do so something really quick would help thanks!

oh, i tried emptying the remaining contents of the bag and rewhipping it and putting it back in but it still didn't have the form that i wanted...do i have to completely clean out the bag before putting it back?
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