which way to cook freshwater fish better ?

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in most cases people love sea fish ,so do i ,but my hubby enjoy fishing beside lake or river ,so he usually brings  the freshwater fish home ,but i don't know how to cook !   

do you have any good idea ?
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What kind of fish? Trout? Catfish? Walleye? Bass? Char? Pearch? I cook them all a bit differently.
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Basically it's a fish. So don't be intimidated by it. Put it in a pan and cook it. After a bit of experimenting, you will find some recipes you like. 

Saltwater fish usually includes more oily fish like mackerel, salmon, tuna and swordfish. Freshwater fish are lighter flavored. 

   Catfish is usually dredged in cornmeal or flour and fried, trout is good poached or pan fried,  Lemon is good with most fish no matter how you cook it. I will suggest a general read of the Joy of Cooking. . More specific cookbooks are out there if you really want to investigate. 

So try out a recipe, like it or not, then tell the husband to go catch another fish so you can try again. 
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When we're on the lake we usually do a poor mans papillote with foil and on the grill. Butt,onion, etc.
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We almost always pan fry.

Either with a dusting of flour in a butter/oil mix (oil helps the butter to not burn so quickly) or dip in melted vanilla ice cream and then dredge in a fine cornmeal and flour mix (75/25) and fry in oil and or veg shortening.

I never season the fish just whatever I am using for the dredge.

Lemon pepper and garlic powder is my current fave.... a lemon wedge on the plate for those so inclined.

For those large fish with good thick scales... when cleaning leave the filet on the skin and remove any bloodlines you can get to.

Slather with butter then season (I like a not too spicy Cajun blend) and wrap in foil to steam/bake until flakey.

The only way I will eat the huge bull reds that the guys insist on keeping.

Sorry drifted away to salt water.....

Another recipe for the oven....

Clean your catch, leaving the body intact.

You can remove scales but not necessary as when done you can just slide them off.

In the pouch left from removing innards salt and pepper, pats of butter (or olive oil ) then lemon wheels and dill ... garlic if you like.

Really stuff it full.

Wrap in foil and bake until flakey.

Chowder is always nice as well.

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A hugely popular side is beer batter onion rings.

Really a standout if you can get your hands on a few huge sweet onions.



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