Which small vacuum sealer for home use?

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Hi Everybody,

I am in the market for a vacuum sealer for sous vide and food storage, light use at home.

Having done lots of homework I get the better ones are more powerful, faster, etc., but they are also larger and heavier. So, no-go.

The two finalists weigh 10 and 7 1/2 lbs. respectively and cost about the same ($175 USD). Does anyone have experience with these, have a big pro or con, or other recommendation? Thank you in advance for any feedback.

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit, 4800 Series, v4840

Weston 65-0501-W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer, 11-inch, Silver

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I've had my Foodsaver for over 15 years now.
You mentioned a smaller sealer, but the Foodsaver shown in pictures is big. Mine is long and flat.
Weston is a Foodsaver wannabe, although it works as well. I think Foodsavers are built better IMHO
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We used to use the FoodSaver at our restaurants. Worked great. Never had a problem with it. Different model though, but I'm sure they're all good. Never used Weston.


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Ideally you want one that can wet seal. This gives you the most options for marination, sous vide and storage. But those are expensive.

I've not found one yet that made me say I have to have it. Either too expensive or not capable enough.
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For its smaller footprint and weight, I ended up ordering a smaller Food Saver. I am not a terribly sophisticated cook, nor do I cook savory that much, so I hope the smaller one meets my needs.
Can't wait to get it!
Smaller unit
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