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Hi guys, I'm new in this forum. i'm 23 years old and I already had my degree in business and marketing management. I've been working here and there for couples of time and thinking about taking another study.

Culinary has been my passion since a long time, but my parents won't allow me to have one. But now, they give me the opportunity to study. Luckily i found this forum, and after read most of the threads, i still have some questions and needs for (real) information from the real people who working, or have worked, studying, or have studied in the field.

I'm planning to go to canada for my culinary study, and what i found, there are 3 best schools in Canada; George Brown, Humber, or Le Cordon Bleu. I basically wat to study all about the culinary, without any management or theoritical stuff, coz i had them in my business degree, so i need school with more on practical. And i'm plamning to stay after grad, i want to have more experience first before i go to my home country. What's the point of paying so much amount of money and go home after study?

I've searched for information through agents, or internet, but they all some kind of absurd.. So, if i may ask u guys, please do tell me which college or school i better considered (from all aspects)?

The problem is, i can't go there to directly check the school, coz i came from indonesia, it would be more expensive than expected. So i really need people who stay in Toronto to tell me, which one is better?

The other thing is, is it right if the canadian government only give 3-5 months for those international students to find a job after graduated (if they are from private school) and give 3 years for those from public school?

I hope i can get usefull information from this forum. Thanks and regards..:)
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HI, I'm from India. I've just enrolled for George Brown's Baking & Pastry arts mgmt program sept 2011 intake.GBC & HUMBER both have good culinary programs and as these are public colleges you can work legally after graduating from these colleges ,but unfortunatelly after completing LCB programs you can't work bcos its a private institution.You can choose LCB if you can arrange for your work permit in canada.You should also check liason college,culinary institute of canada.If you are going to any country you have to abide by the local rules, if you want to stay in that country. its my humble advice.
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