Which country to search for a job?

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Hi all,

I'm 43, working as a chef in the UK and for various reasons I'd like to move somewhere else. The question is where? 

Obviously my age is probably against me for some places, but the other thing that might make it difficult for me as I actually have no catering qualifications other than hygeine related ones. I started as a dish washer aged 16 and worked my way up, managing to avoid college altogether. I have more than 25 years experience in the industry in all sorts of kitchens and have always worked in high end hotels etc. I've held several head chef positions and currently run my own successful outside catering company. 

I want to move somewhere sunny and find a challenging job for half decent money. Don't mind where. I'm not bad at languages either. pretty fluent in French and basic Polish and Spanish knowledge.

Any suggestions welcome! 
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Hi Chef...nice to meet you.

This would be the time to call in some chips.

An expensive hotel in the Med or Caribbean.

Maybe a fancy retirement high rise in South Florida...

Some private cheffing someplace?

I take it you have no ties to your current local?

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Hi, we are a start-up opening this August in KUWAIT.

We are currently looking for rustic/artisan bread bakers to create traditional deli-style sandwiches using fresh local and imported produce.

Kuwait has a booming, thriving food industry, and we are in need of bread bakers who are interested in a full-time job with a handsome salary that will be determined based on skill and experience, possibility for growth with our company, plenty of opportunity, and incentives for the right candidate(s).

Please message me for more information.

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