Which beer would you say is best with pizza?

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I would suggest a pilsner because it is nice and light. I love me a good plae ale, but they are pretty complex to eat with pizza in my humble opinion. For pizza, to be honest, I prefer and ice cold glass of milk!
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Red Tail is great with pizza, but honestly the best beer with pizza is the one your buddy bought you.,
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For pepperoni: Corona

For cheese pizza:  Bud light... yeah I know!

For vegetarian: merlot!
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Depends on the topping.  With a bbq sauce, carne asada, onions, green peppers and 2 yr old cheddar shaved ontop I like a more bold beer which around my parts would be a sleemans honey brown ale, Big Rock traditional ale, or Alexander keiths.

  Something along the lines of a Chicken teryiaki or or a hawaiian with shrimp, I would go with a Bud, Grasshopper from big rock, Caribe, Corona,  or My favourite all around beer, Miller Genuine Draft.
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Pale ale - let the pizza be the star.  I prefer red wine with pizza to be frank.  Or a soda.

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