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Hello, all. My name is Bree - had to change the spelling a bit to register as it appears there is more than one of us here - and I'm new to this forum. I'm a recent "convert" so to speak; I've waded around in the muck of big business (currently I am a supervisor at United Parcel Service) for a good while and I decided enough is enough: I'm going to pursue my dream of becoming a chef. Life is too short to spend 40+ hours a week in a job you hate.

I've harboured this secret food fantasy for years, collecting Harold McGee and M.F.K. Fisher and watching Food TV (yeah, I know) when I'm home alone. Now that I've made the decision to follow my dream, well, I feel really nervous. Dreaming is one thing, doing is another. Heck, writing this first post is really tough!

At any rate, I'm here to learn anything about everything. I'm probably going to end up asking lots of questions (most of which will have probably been asked before) and annoying the heck out of you. Please be patient (and gentle) - and I'll be sure to check my verbosity at the door :).
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Good for you!!!! There are many venues to make $ from cooking/food.....and plenty of archived threads on them. People ask why I work all the time and I tell them it is play to me. It's great that people actuallly pay me to do what I enjoy. I hope you discover that also.
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Hey Brie! You're one of us now! It's going to be a tough road ahead for you but well worth it. As a recent convert myself, I'll be happy to provide you with all the support you need. There are lots of converts on this board, and - I think - few regrets. So enjoy the ride and welcome!
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Well, the first step is always the hardest, right? You are amongst some great people; we have all walks of culinary life here. Don't hesitate to dangle a question out there. There is every aspect of proficiency here, so please don't be intimidated.
Welcome aboard!
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Hey dere Cheesehead! We're glad you found us. As you can see, we are welcoming and have very good manners, too.

What do you like to cook? You'll find lots of inspiration and information here.

Welcome, hey!
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Seriously, I used to have an eating disorder and food was always "the enemy" to be avoided at all costs. Now that I'm in recovery I'm beginning to explore all the tasty possiblities and I'm just overwhelmed by all the goodness that I'd missed out on, before. It sounds corny, I know, but it's a sincere sentiment.
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another convert...egggssselent [lol] ... you have just taken the step from dreamer to doer. it has been my dream as well to advance in the culinary field so i know how you feel just know that in my short time here it seems filled with many cheerleaders and the key ingredient to making a dreamer into a success is a cheerleader
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hey brie, if you are dedicated you will go very far. that is 75 percent of this business, the rest you will learn soon. i hope you do well and never regret leaving the boredom of your current job. if you need any advice or just wanna chat food,,,,,, let me know
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