Where would you go?


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I am offering you 2 round-trip tickets to any destination in the world (not really, this is only make-believe :D ) to spend a few days eating, drinking and soaking up the culture with your significant other. Where would you go? The only requirements are that you take someone with you or forfeit the other ticket (sorry you can't be greedy and fly two places), and you must stay in the general area. These tickets only go to one destination and back again, no lay overs or connecting flights where you can sneak in an extra day someplace else :D . You only have a few days at your destination, but long flights and a short time at your destination should not be a factor as, once again, this is only make-believe!!!

I think that I would have to choose the Alsace region of France. Sure there are better areas of France for wines, food, or culture. I can't think of a better place where all three of these combine along with the mixing of French and German cultures (two of my favorite cuisines and cultures). Sure, this may not be as exotic as some places (you can go anywhere), but this is the cuisine and culture that I truly love. Add to that, the rich history of the place and I would be in heaven.

How about you?
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If I didn't feel so homesick for NY, I'd say the best regions of Italy. Emiglia/Romana, etc. hold a special place in the hearts of Foodie Italophiles. Incredible straightforward food prepared robustly...give me more of that!
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If foursomes are allowed, I second Emilia-Romagna! The birth place of Balsamico and Parmigiano Reggiano! :lips:
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Either someplace in Southeast Asia -- probably Vietnam -- or in India, probably southern India -- Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Mysore, only as far north as Goa. I am totally fascinated by the ingredients, cooking methods, and flavors of these areas -- so different from what we have here.

Or as a distant third choice, Peru, since I LOVE potatoes and ceviche, and want to find out how they make their roast chicken so delicious.
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This is a very hard one to do, because their are just to many places to see, but for me the Savoie would have to be my first choice.

To lay in the shadow of Mont Blanc, eating Tomme and sipping the dry white wines, the smell of wildflowers wafting up from all the spring meadows, and to look to Italy and Switzerland that they are so close you can almost reach out and touch them. A quick dip in Lake Leman, past Evian to Chablais to just wonder through it's lush forest.
Then I would rent a car and drive to samoens and sixt (the end of the world :)) the Girffre valley to soak in the beauty of le cirque du fer a cheval.
This is no fair Pete!!! theres to much for me to think about with the Savoie, Faucigny, genevois, beaufortain!!!!

Oh Madeleine, Where are you?????


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LOL!!! Yes I know, it is a difficult choice. I posed the question, then had to think myself, before I could narrow it down!:eek: :eek:

Suzanne, you have to make a decision. Which place will it be. You only get one choice. Sorry!!!!:D :D :D

There is nothing wrong with renting a car and driving to neighboring areas. But you can't rent a car and drive all over Europe, Asia, or America. That doesn't count.
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tough....tough......hard to choose between going back to some of the places i've had some incredible meals or places i haven't been yet....

Spain is about the only place i haven't been in Europe and I've been dying to go there...so I'd have to say...send me two tix to Seville, please!!! I'll think fondly of you while i'm enjoying some blood oranges for breakfast and paella for dinner....and the horsey lover in me will thank you for the time to soak up some of the wonderful horse festivals and pick up beautiful tack from the masters of leatherworks there....

sigh....when can i leave??
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I'd go to Marrakesh, Morocco. The market there is full of different foods and spices in huge piles, spices they dont' even sell here. I'd use my extra ticket for someone who traveled light with a big suitcase, to fill with spices on the way back!!!

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Hmmmm....Exciting food in Singapore? hmmmmm nope I think I would prefer experiencing Burgundy.....great food, good wine....Country breads, foie gras, truffles, chanterelles, French yogurt, farmer's markets.....how long can I stay? and definately throw in a kitchen.
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It would have to be Japan. I am always fascinated by how many ways they can use one ingredient, how economical they are, and mostly, how artistic Japanese chefs (and pastry chefs) are.


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I was having a hard time picking and thought I should have my wife's opinion to mull over. She picked, "Where ever Ruby is for more of her Sea Food Gumbo." Ruby was a lady she knew in Texas. Everytime I cook something Southern or Cajun, it has to pass the Ruby test. I don't often pass.

Guess I'm not going where I want to...

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Oaxaca, Mexico - I want to have a village woman adopt me and take me to her kitchen! And go to the marketplace and see the mounds and mounds of chiles - and make my own chocolate - and string cheese - and, and, so on.

Pete, would your price include Spanish lessons?:D
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I know this will sound terribly pedestrian but I would choose Paris. I love classic French cooking and if I'm taking my wife, (and I'd better because I wouldn't have a home to return to :)) how romantic can you get?

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I tried to think of something clever, off the beaten path. My wife dearly wants to see Ireland, as do I, but it's not the culinary hotbed we are envisioning. After much thinking I would have to fall back on France. Pete says I have to stay in the "general" area, but I say France is a small enough country that I can get a good taste in several days. I want to eat truffles and duck in perigord, I want to taste the spanish, basque influence. Paris and la Pyramide, Robert Linxe and La Maison Du Chocolat, all the little boulangeries and charcuteries.
The lighthouses off of Normandy as well as the WW2 history of the area. I can eat while sightseeing and abattre duex oiseau avec un roc!
There is so much to eat and see, it's a long standing dream of mine. I'll take the tickets any time Pete.:D
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Id go to Japan. Id love to learn how to make food simply yet flavorful and refreshing. Japan it is. Now where did I put my Japanese-English Dictionary? :D

Hey Pete!.

Do you think they can knock me out for the long plane trip??? Half a day on a plane is a loooonnnngggg time. Doesn't your butt fall asleep after a while?



Your signature is hilarious! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Since we're dreaming, how about a calm dinner in the King David Hotel in a peaceful Jerusalem?

Thud, back to the real world.

I second Perigord. Can't get enough foie gras and truffles! La France me manque...


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I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have still choosen France as their destination. I really expected to see lots more Southeast Asia destinations. I guess France still has what it takes!! Still want to hear from everyone else though. And remember, no destination is too mundane. If dining on fresh clams on the Cape is what you desire, then so be it. Or even if it is a night at grandma's, dining on her homecooked standards. It is your fantasy, any place counts!
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Could Dear Abby get her tickets in the time traveling section? She longs not so much for a place, as a time in her life.

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It may be boring but I'd head to Jackson County Oregon. Eat Freshly caught steelhead, wild blackberry pie and drink some great Oregon Pinots, purusse(sp) the antique shops in Jacksonville,eat salt water taffy at Brookings alot of things.
Maybe I'm a snobbish and boring American but I can't think of any place I'd rather be. While there are surely more things to experiance in those far away lands dreamt about earlier in the post I find the simplest of pleasures to be the best at this point and station of my life. So maybe I'll skip the flight after all and get in my car and head up the coast. I should be there in about 12 hrs.
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