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does anyone have a link to a good website that sells new or used books for professional chefs, such as "the professional chef" or "the menu planner", one out of print book that i cant find is "the chefs reminder" thanks for any input
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Yes, browse the above links.

Here are links which may be time sensitive for A Selection of Dishes, and The Chef's Reminder

Link 1

Link 2

Good luck!

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This place LIVES for cookbooks: Kitchen Arts and Letters on Lexington Avenue in NYC. They are at 1435 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10128. Phone: (212) 876-5550.

If you punched up www.kitchenartsandletters.com, there will only be a front page with the promise of "much more to come." This page has been in its current state for over 4 years and I don't believe there will ever be more to come. They are obviously spending their time chasing down rare and important books to maintain a website!
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hey , one other source is to try your local thrift stores , you will be suprised by what you might find there and also how much you pay . Your friend in food , Doug .......................
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I live around the corner from Kitchen Arts & Letters and was in there a few weeks ago. I asked about the website and they said that the owner, Nach Waxman, was not a believer in cyberspace and had abandoned it. They will find anybook you want though. Give them a call @212-876-5550. Here is a descrption from The Splendid Table.


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