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Good Morning Steven,

I was reading the June 2011 Smithsonian Magazine and caught an article called Extreme Cuisine (great article). The book Modernist Cuisine was expounded upon.

It said ;

" The key to flavorful barbecue ? Modernist Cuisine authors say It's the fat- and they have the high-speed video to show it."



I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this ?

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Very interesting article--though the book it describes doesn't sound like your normal coffee-table variety. The process he describes for making the 6-foot long noodle sounds excrutiating (especially for whoever had to clean up the kitchen). I'm on Michael Pollan's side on this one. Although I had the privilege of dining at El Bulli the year before last, and was sorry to hear Ferran Adria had decided to close it. A good substitute, in my opinion, is Alinea in Chicago.
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Without a doubt Alinea. Chicago has some of the finest restaurants around.

Re: the article

Here is a billionaire inventor, a laboratory, and what they surmised or proven ,  is what you believe to be true ; that it's the fat that enhances a piece of meat. Foods prepared with the right technique of bbq'ing and food pairings will always lend themselves to the perfect plate.

We live in world where MG is reaching levels it has never seen before but if we go back to basics, potatos in a campfire pit nestled on hot rocks and a slice of meat seasoned right.....that is where it all began.

Your list of food picks in another thread are all the things I would have said. These are comfort foods .

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to honing my bbq skills this summmer.

ps. Fairmount bagels eh ? lol wished I had of seen you.

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