Where is Perciatelli???

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Can someone please tell me where I can buy Perciatelli (the long noodle that is like macaroni-hollow inside but long?)

I cannot find it anywhere. Either Perciatelli or Ziti or Maccheroncelli.

I really want to find this pasta because my Greek Yiayia (grandma) always used to make MACARONIA (a greek noodle, butter, cheese dish) with these long big noodles. I make it with penne these days, but it just isn't the same! Can someone please help me?

I've searched the internet high and low and I can find are recipes involving this pasta, but no place to buy it.

I live in the Bay Area, California.

Thanks to anyone who can answer my question! :bounce:
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If any of your local stores carries the DeCecco brand (from Italy), they make one. Good brand: their recommended timing is always perfect. I get it at my local supermarket. :)
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Perciatelli is also known as Buccatini. They may be easier to find under that name.
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a GOOD upscale gourmet market or an italian would certainly have it.it is gr8 fun when you but the extra long ones. id u are serving friends it's a good time.remember that you need a sauce that will get into the center of the tubes. inother words not a cream sauce anything but that .
good luck
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I'd be very surprised if www.salumeriaitaliana.com cannot help you with your perciatelli problem. This salumeria, altho small, has the best selection of Italian deli I know of anywhere. It's in Boston, but ships anywhere.

Give them a try.

Chef June;)
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Thanks all!

You wouldn't believe, I walked into a delicatessen (sp?), a place where I had looked for this pasta before with no luck, and lo and behold.......my noodles! (not my brain)

I was so excited I bought two big boxes in case something attacks their supply in the future and I can't find it again.

Thanks for that website tip, I'm going to try that- I'll send it to my yiayia because she has a hard time finding it too.


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