Where do you get your foods?

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    Where do you shop for your restaurant?  Do you have a food distributor bring you your product or do you use valuable time and hand pick everything at a farmers market?  Or something in between?

    As for me, I've been in charge of about half of the ordering for the last 3 years or so.  I know it sounds a little strange, but I would order everything we need from a day to day basis from our food distributor and the owner would go shopping around, looking for the best deals in DFW for his specials.  Now that I'm the owner, it's up to me to do it all, which can be extremely time consuming. 

    Here's my run down so far:  I order most things in bulk from our distributor, U.S. food-service (similar to B.E.K. or Sysco), and go to Restaurant Depot for other large quantity items (pretty much the same thing as the distributors, except they don't deliver).  They carry almost all of the same products as U.S. Food-service, but most products are WAAAAAYYYYY cheaper.  It's totally worth the 1 hour round trip.

    I would really like to incorporate a fresh produce or seafood market somewhere in my weekly shopping, but just don't know of any good ones around me.

    Also, if anyone is familiar with DFW, please tell me where to get some good organic ingredients!
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    I run a chocoalte and pastry shop.

    Bulk couverture: direct from mnfctr--no distributer or middle man.

    Sugar, flour, frozen fruit purees, frzn eggs:  broadline pastry supplier

    Nuts, dried fruit: Local bulk food pckging and distributer

    Dairy: large local supermarket

    Fruit, produce: Local small grocer

    Local berries: Local U- pick in the summer

    Coffee: Local small roaster

    I let my Costco card expire almost 4 years ago.  THe only thing I really needed from them was diary, and I could get it th same price and my local supermarket.

    Had a Sysco rep come in once, told her I was waaaay to specialized for her stuff.  She insisted on giving me a price for her "Chocoalte", it came in 50 lb boxes. Told her if it comes in 50 lb boxes, it can only come from the U.S., and if I used that stuff, I'd be out of business in a week.
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    in STL we've got a local food wholesaler who was a chef/owner for 25+ years, who sold the restaurant and started wholesaling 3 years ago.....here is this week's liHere’s our inventory of 100% locally grown food.  See below for details and prices:

    Homegrown Tomatoes: Awesome “Big Dena” Slicers

    Flat Leaf Parsley

    Brussels Sprouts, Bumpy Euro-Cucs

    Turnips: White “Hakurei” Japanese and “Scarlet Queen” pink ones

    “Detroit Red” Beets

    Homegrown Red Cabbage, Napa

    Radishes: Cherry Belle, Black, Daikon

    Horseradish: Prepared or Fresh Root for DIY

    Sweet, Crisp Illinois Fuji Apples


    Sweet Potatoes

    Winter Squash: Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti & Delicata

    Free range, small flock, hand harvested Eggs of Chicken and Quail

    Flour, Wheat Berry, Mustard, Vinegar

    Apple, Blackberry, Maple & Sorghum Syrups, Honey & Honeycomb

    Black Turtle Beans, Popcorn

    Homemade, Homegrown Chipotle Peppers

    Grass Fed Ground Beef

    Nut Butters & Amish Fruit Jams

    Missouri Pecans & Black Walnuts

    Long Grain Brown, White and (NOW!) Jasmine Missouri Ricest...