where do i get started?

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Hey, my names Dan, im 18 and ive recently decided i want to follow a career in catering.
I often cook family meals, but have no experience in a professional kitchen environment, and my only qualification which could apply to the catering profession is my basic food and hygiene certificate.
As you will know, it is very hard to get a job in catering without prior experience or qualifications, so my question is simply, where do i start ? 
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in my opinion go to a culinary school and you can do catering with it. as long as you have the passion and dont mind working hard, you wont fail. my school has a bunch of people like you and the ones that have it do well and outshine the other class mates. I was thinking of taking catering at my school but honestly you are gonna learn alot more if you get a culinary degree. depending on which school you go with they will teach you things. if u cant take criticism then start to cause people will judge your food and you have to take it and learn from it. you wont regret going to a culinary school
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