Where can i find this piping tip/nozzle?

Joined Apr 9, 2017
There is a piping tip I have used and I want to purchase one for at-home use. I used it before at work but I'm not sure what company makes it. I don't have an actual picture of the tip but I have a description and a picture of the end result.

The tip had a half sphere inside the nozzle that left a ring/wreath shape. You would end up with a french star with a hole in the middle to fill with whatever you please. The picture of the finished result is attached.

Joined Apr 21, 2016
To me that looks like a larger version of the Piping Paradise 136. I can't think of a similar one that's the size you want, though if you just want something for home use I'd honestly just use a spritz press with a wreath plate, ideally one where you can control the pressing mechanism instead of one where you have to click (you can usually override the lever function anyway, but it's nice to have one that you don't need to fight with.) Good luck! 
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