When your in that sticky situation of wanting to leave...

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Right, so i'm working at this small Italian joint (30 or so pax max) and when i joined them a month ago (on a part-time position) there were 4 guys in the kitchen. This was i guess a sweeet numbering spot, work load was easy, things were being banged out well plated and atmosphere was more or less lively.

Last week, one of our guys left as he was a culinary student which finished his attatchment with us. Two nights ago, 30 mins before dinner service, our other chef quit.

Now the atmosphere of the whole place  was slightly a little edgy at the start when i joined. Kitchen isnt well equiped, its stuffy, old and a little dirty. Our big boss who owns another restaurant next door where he cooks also isnt excatlly the best of administrators (for some reason he fire our excellent steward and now this new guy is a little... well, i guess it takes time to learn these things).

Anyway, so now its just me and the chef. I came into this place thinking it would be some good part time work before uni starts, but i sure as hell do not want to be working with this kinda load. My chef has i think tried to inspire me by taking up the challenge and blah blah blah, you get the idea.

Again though, finding it hard to take this challenge and i now go to work just thinking that its gonna be a miserable day. I want to leave obviously, but ive only been here for a month and i'll feel really really terrible if i did (because then they would have no staff basically).

I dont really need the money (well i do..) but i do have another job waiting for me, which I was gonna go take in the next month or two.

So what would you do? Have you had such encounters?

Needed to rant a little :(

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You have another job waiting and you are going to be going to school soon anyway. Sounds to me that you wouldn't be sticking around no matter what the situation. And that's totally fine. hand in your two weeks and move on in yer life. Handing in your notice IS the polite way of leaving a job. Tell the truth, the work is a bit more then you want an you have school coming so you need to be able to focus without being so stressed out. Any restaurant owner should be able to handle that, they may not be thrilled but they can handle it.
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I agree with Gunnar. Also, the industry is a relatively transient one with people coming and going, quitting and getting fire from places all the time. So long as you give them ample notice you should be fine.
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Sorry it's come to this. But it's really not your responsibility. I know how you feel,but you have to look after no1.
Aside from the good advice above,I would add that working in a dirty kitchen, It's only a matter of time before their work ethic bites them in the a*se and your reputation will sink with the ship before you're even through college.
Don't beat yourself up...Hand in your notice and move on.

Best of luck
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I agree with everything said here.  You need to look out for yourself and your reputation first and foremost. 

best of luck to you!
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