When to sauce the cod?

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Has anyone tried this dish!!    http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Baked-Cod-with-Orange-Caper-and-Olive-Sauce-101638

I found it oh so delish-i-oso.  What a joy and not to difficult.

The recipe clearly states to cook the fish first then put on the sauce but I put it on first thinking maybe it was a typo.  That has to make more sense.

I have been making double dishes for the wife and I and having the second half a couple days ago.  There would be no problem leaving the sauce in the fridge in a glass container and I know the fish will be fine for two days, that makes a better tasting dish than to cook it and save half for a couple days already cooked right.

Would this type of sauce freeze okay?  I could see making a few batches at once.

I suppose maybe with these types of flavors fresh would be better?

Any feedback on the recipe in general would be appreciated.

I will be mentioning this dish to my friends at the checkout counter where I work.  I may have to buy some more cod for this dish was just to die for in my humble opinion.
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That does sound good, Kevin. My Mom used to make something similar, only without the olives.

There is no reason I can see that the sauce wouldn't freeze well. My Mom's did. But also consider that with all that acid from the citrus and tomato it would likely keep quite some time just in the fridge. More the point, it's such a simple recipe I don't think I'd bother making several batches at a time. Just make it up as you need it.

Personally, I see no reason to sauce the fish before cooking. But if it tasted good to you that way, that's all that matters.

BTW, try using that sauce on chicken as well.
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