When to move on?

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At what point as a Chef do you decide to move on from a restaurant? 

What pushes you to cut ties and remove the stresses of management, food quality, hours, days off etc.?

I'm trying to obtain papers after years abroad and took a simple job to fast track, my mistake. I'm currently being required to mentor and supervise apprentices, compile order lists, manage breaks and redesign plate settings out of functionality and appearance because my Head Chef  employer is never around and when he is ducks out after lunch time and doesn't want a sous chef? So in theory, this is the best experience I will ever receive in the workplace but at the same time, my employer is laughing all the way to the bank when all he's doing for minimal hours every morning is rewriting the roster 3 times and ordering pre-prepared order lists while not instilling any knowledge or values into his staff.

I apologise for the inevitable rant you beautiful people but at what point do you throw in the metaphorical towel? There's no move for me to step up as I'm still not at a level warranting such a position and I know that, I came here to learn and get qualified so I can get my foot in the door at better establishments to continue learning.

TLDR; I'm learning but not learning and want to quit but need my papers but contemplating travelling overseas more and learning through experience rather then institution.
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As long as your being paid to learn then why not stick around until you have all the answers you need. I did what you did in all the restaurants I worked at in the beginning. When you need to do is not worry about what the Chef is doing, just remember why your there. Learn the job so when you go someplace else you can talk turkey. In the future when you move into a Sous Chef or Chefs position in another restaurant you won't have the luxury of making mistakes. Learn now get good at what you do then move on. When I was in your position I was like a sponge for information. I worked under Chef's I didn't like, when I learned I left.......You will know when it's time. Don't leave because the Chef isn't doing his job. Find a better reason!.........Chef Bill
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When you learned everything that you can from the chef it's time to go...If there is a chance of the promotion maybe you could stay but I always left when there was nothing new to learn, with exception of couple of places in which I stayed longer because the crew was awesome....By the way what you said you are doing at the moment doesn't sound very interesting...just my 20 cents worth it's your fault for asking......
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