When to hire and when not too.

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I just let a guy go today that was on a one month trial, he fit in well as a trainee chef but I've decided to spend a few £k more and invest in a chef de partie/junior sous. The guy knew he was on trial but nevertheless was less than happy when I spoke with him. During the last month I've spoken to him on several occasions about the state of his uniform, cleaning his station, attention to detail etc. so I'm somewhat surprised that he took it so bad. Even as a commis I expected more from him (he's 30ish and returning after several years out of the kitchen). What can you do to let people go easy? I e-mailed every catering manager in Cambridge this morning (33) advertising the guy with a good reference, unfortunately he didn't fit with us?? It's getting close to Christmas and I did what I could......
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I've never had to do that myself, but it does sound like you did everything you could to help him fit in with your kitchen and at the end of it he didn't and you had to do what you had to do. I think it was very generous of you to email the managers and advertise for him too.
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Let him go easy?

Here in Canada where everyone works hourly, the standard procedure is:

Cut back his hours, from 40/week to 20, then 12, and then to one shift a week. Either he'll catch on and leave, or ask what he can do to get back his hours.
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