When someone gives you "reputation"


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I'm pretty new here, so not well versed on the site functions and etiquette.
I'd be grateful for some guidance.

1. On a few occasions I have received an email indicating that another member gave me "reputation". What is this, and what it the proper response?

2. What are the "subscriptions"? I noticed the number changes, but when I click on it, it's a long list of the threads I've participated in--far more comments than the number. What does the number indicate, and why does it change?

3. I know the rule is to never post a copyright recipe. If someone requests a recipe from a particular cookbook, is it permissible to send it by private message?

Thank you for all help in clarifying these matters.
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N.P.W., some confusing features in here.:)

And dont know if it said, but you can easily check the source of your rep points, both at the post, and in your personal profile page.
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