When making Veggie stock, can you blend the Veggies?

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I was making a Veggie stock recently, and an idea hit me. Would it be a good idea to use a Hand Mixer/blinder/Food Processor to shred up all that "leftover" veggies and strain it to get that last bit of veggie goodness out?
I can think of a few things to do with the resulting Pulp, but I'm worried that it might ruin the broth itself.
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Sure, but, why would you want to? You can achieve the same result by simply pressing the soft veggies with a spoon or rubber spatula in a fine strainer. Stock is simple. There's really no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to stocks. especially veggie stock. :)

The veggie pulp is not going to ruin the stock flavor wise. In fact, at that point, the only benefit the pulp will likely give you is the ability to increase the volume of stock without reducing flavor intensity. If your end game is a clear stock, this is probably not the best idea.

If you are looking to intensify the flavors of your stock, reduce the liquid until it reaches the intensity you want. Or you can simply add more vegetables to a given volume of water.

Good luck. :)
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If all you want to do is “get that last bit of goodness” out of the veggies then no, I don’t think this is necessary. It will cloudy your stock. Just strain.

Some I do like to do though is to blend the veggies of a mirepoix in a braise. Beef stew for example, In the last hour of cooking i remove the beef from the braising liquid, and use a stick blender to purée the veggies into the liquid. I then add freshly chopped carrots, celery, mushrooms, root veg or whatever you like to
The braising liquid, put the meat back in and let it finish cooking. That way the braising vegetables give all they’ve got to the sauce and the new veggies aren’t over cooked and limp. But that’s neither here nor there, just rambling.
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Blend or process the cooked veg. Use a chinoise strainer and a 6oz ladle to squeeze out all the liquids from all of the veg. From there, the possibilities are unlimited.

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