When is it too old?

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Just a question out there for you guys.  I am now 30.  I graduated culinary at 23, have worked at some respectable restaurants.  I want to work at the best though.  I want to travel and work or stage.  Most stages and cooks are usually in there early 20s.  I've talked to a few people and told them what I thought and seemed to agree that most chefs do not look highly on cooks in there 30's.  What are your feelings on cooks and there age? 
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As the saying goes "Age ain't nuthin but a number." I staged in NYC at 49 years old and plan to continue to do so every chance I get.  There is no reason to stop learning. Comparisons are odious. Don't worry about what everyone else does. You can't stand out from the crowd by being part of it. If you can make the arrangements, then do it. Should you stop reading cookbooks or watching instructional videos because you reach a certain age? 

Age is no guarantee of knowledge, experience or wisdom. There are plenty of people in all walks of life who never improve themselves and remain in the same mental place for their entire life. Travel and new experiences broaden the mind in all sorts of ways. Those who appreciate what you want to do will do everything to help you do it. Those who don't understand are the ones you don't want to work with anyway. 
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In my experience age isn't the issue, agility, speed and willingness to be flexible to suit the needs of the chef are.
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I don't know what most chefs think, I just know what I think. I don't pigeonhole anyone based on their age. Age is a good parameter for judging fish, but not individual people.

Everyone is a product of many different facets. I prefer to attempt to evaluate the entire package of a person rather than singular categories. Simplistic diagnosis based on limited input are merely a reflection of minds that are nowhere near reaching their full potential.

FWIW I was 30 with 10 years experience when I graduated culinary school. I am now 60, still work the line, never had a problem getting a job.

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