When experience exceeds your pay.

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Ideas put to the side because the chef has lost the passion. 

The situation is the dream job.  All foods locally sourced a really great staff FOH & BOH.  Months of equal contributions to menu development and owners that give what ever they can to succeed and trust with what we put forward and are willing to bring on additional staff for prep.(although I don't want or need it), how do you leave? 
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What? Half your post isn't even complete sentences. 

Why do you want to leave your dream job? 
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It is called brainstorming...how to move forward and succeed
Well in my case, it is brain confusing storming, because I am not quite following.

Are you the chef? Is it you who has lost the passion? Are you considering leaving the job or the profession? Does your experience exceed your pay or is the experience you are having exceeding your pay?
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