When A Magazine Gets A Recipe Wrong

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Emhahn, the link gave just enough detail to whet my appetite, but I couldn't see the whole story (the link wouldn't go through). What was the gist of it?
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The reason why I only posted the "bit" instead of the whole story is because we are an information provider for the restaurant business. If I put up the whole story, I'd be infringing a copyright.

Don't fear! I've been a member here for a long time!

That story was interesting, and I wanted to share it with the chef communities that I speak to, that's all!

Hopefully that says it... Meanwhile, I'm back to the kitchen to kick some saute butt!

Have fun,

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I tried a recipe out of a magazine once that was obviously flawed. It was in my earlier cooking days and I executed the recipe as written. When it didn't work, I looked at the ingredients again. Aha!

I made a Cornbread Topped Tamale Pie although I never realized at the time that title was pretty close to redundant :rolleyes:. The problem with the recipe was that the topping didn't call for any leavening, therefore, the cornmeal mixture remained mushy. I wrote to the magazine, pointing out their error and they wouldn't budge. They said they stood behind the recipe as written. I was so furious, I never bought another of their magazines.

I guess I should have considered the source. It was Woman's Day.
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Scott, thanks for your gesture, but we mustn't post entire articles on Chef Talk, as that is a copyright enfringement. (I was hoping for a synopsis from emhahn.) I'm afraid the article will soon be removed, but I hope you understand why.

I guess Crisco + boiling water = PAIN. :eek:
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What about synopsizing in your own words? Would that be OK?

I found mistakes in a Gourmet Magazine recipe and one in the L.A. Times . I e-mailed both and both got back to me immediately with an apology and a correction. Classy. :)
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Absolutely, Phoebe. Just give credit to the source. We are gradually educating our members to post links or synopses/summaries. We have been burned by other sites stealing ChefTalk material and articles, and we don't want to be doing that to others. I'm certain it was well-intentioned. We wouldn't be much of a culinary exchange if we didn't share what we have learned, including what we've learned by reading.
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Well I went ahead a joined and read the artical.
In my own words, what happened was the recipe instructed to boil a half cup solid shorting and a cup of water together. Essentially the artical author Amy Culbertson (Star-Telegram Staff Writer) reminded us that when you heat basically a solid fat it will pop, and shoot out of your pot if not careful. Some readers actually got burned and another reported full combustion of the grease.
Oh how funny....sad for the people who actually were hurt and the magazine, But I guess I have a warped sense of humor and I just think it's funny. Not exactly MLA formatting but I don't think I have infringed.

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