What's your Specialty?

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So I'm decently new to the Culinary game and people(not Chefs) hear I'm a Chef and they always ask the same question: "What's your specialty"?

Am I an idiot because I have absolutely no idea what that even means? Sure, I have certain techniques that I like to use and certain things that I like to make, but I think that the question of a 'specialty' is something that you've been doing so long, you're kind of famous/known for it. I always just reply "I don't know yet" because that's the most honest thing I could think of. I feel like I haven't learned NEARLY enough to have a specialty yet.

What about you wonderful Epicurian veterans? What are your specialties?
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I'm not a professional, but I bow to Pete's explanation!

I suppose I have LOTS of 'specialities' - things I like to cook and friends/family like to eat.
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My specialty is bacon.

I understand what you mean though, when you're still just starting and all the information is out there and overwhelming.
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Yes, i do have a specialty!

Rice stuffed pork flank steak sewed bags, in demiglace sauce with caramelized endives.

And I'm not even a chef, go figure...

It's all about finding an impressive name for the dish and voilá!
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I've been cooking professionally for a long time and this is probably the worst question you can ask a cook/chef.  I simply reply with something I specifically love to do (grill, roll pasta, braise).

And ChefHow...I asked myself the same question... 
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I HATE being pigeon holed.

In any case right now I "specialize" in chocolate, about 25 variates of bon-bons, about 12 variates of bars
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Now, with all of this said, let’s take a step back

I think that we should stick with the subject and not draw any lines in the sand

Thank you all


(btw – has anyone notice the infrequency of the OP, they have not returned?)
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Posted by siduri  
I have two questions

1. why don't we take the "what's a chef" question "outside" (to another thread)


2. what IS your specialty?  If you don't have one, fine, but if someone says "what's your favorite recipe for xyz" i don;t say "I don;t make xyz, and I'm better than you because of that" - i just don;t answer. 
Hear!  Hear!  Brava bravissima!!

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