What's your Go to Knife ?

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I just bought myself a new knife that I'll use outside of work. Hybrid Santoku Damascus. When I saw this knife, I fell in love.
it just a good looking knife
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Most peoples "wicked knife skils" work would get thrown in the garbage in a decent kitchen in Europe. You'd better be able to bring it if you've got a bag of knives that run in the low four figures. There are close to 40 veggie cuts and assorted tasks you'd be expected to know and execute dead cold, not to mention protein fabrication. I've literally seen guys in tears.
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I have a Shun Japanese made chef knife that I use for a lot of things... most of my knife use, actually. But if I need to get through bone, I use an old stainless Walmart knife I picked up years ago. The Japanese steel is simply not designed for bone cutting. And, as I am sure you know, the Walmart knife is a lot cheaper. I would not be devastated if something happened to it.

I never throw away my knives. They all have a use. But I know what each is best designed for and capable of. That's the key.
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My 240 mm Konosuke HD has been getting used a bit but my right arm has been in a sling for almost 3 months so I'm not doing a lot of knife work.:emoji_poop:
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My go to are Hiromoto I have two AS in 270 and 240 and a Tenmi Jyuraku damascus. Nagao's heat treat is something special. Other notables are Murray Carter AS petty, Ealy petty and parer and a Goko W#1 stainless clad 240 gyuto that doesn't get much love sadly.
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Victorinox/Forschner are well known: Like most Germans meh for the steel but passable; very reasonably thin at the edge and decent profile, only slight belly; absolutely terribly shaped handle near the hilt but easy enough to fix if you have a Dremel with 1/2" drum sander bit. I see the Wusthof Pro now has a nice flat profile, and the steel does hold an edge better than the Vic.
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I have a Henkel that was given to me by a Chef in 1972. The knife was made in
1954, my birth year. I still use it to this day and it's edge is still very sharp
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I'm a '54 also chefross. I take it that is a carbon Henkle?

Anyway, what happened to the Wusthof pro series NSF knives? Some are still being sold like the 12" cooks knife, but it doesn't seem like they're being made anymore. They had the hardest steel of the NSF knives.
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