What's your Go to Knife ?

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I know who's making kind of knives. I ordered one from a guy, and this is a unique knife made of steel. In my case, I ordered a knife with a handle made of pressed buckwheat since the guy is from Russia. It's also sold on Etsy, as well as on American sites offering hand-made stuff. I liked the kitchen knives better, although I use them everywhere, not just for food, and it's better than just a decorative knife that can cut everything, but it's a pity to spoil it. The only knife that can't be replaced is the best steak knives on Resource that I ordered for my wife. I wanted us to exchange them, but she won't give them back. You will have to order a set and compete in the kitchen :)
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I just bought myself a new knife that I'll use outside of work. Hybrid Santoku Damascus. When I saw this knife, I fell in love.
it just a good looking knife
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