Whats your Garlic ?

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Garlic , a gift to man from the gods I think . In this day and age you can buy it raw , peeled , diced or minced in oil . **** you can even buy garlic paste . Also dried , granulated garlic ,
garlic powder and garlic salt are quite common in kitchens .
I myself use granulated garlic in my cajun seasoning mixture .
My favorite Garlic to use is fresh peeled and finely diced though .
I just do not feel the taste or the flavor from the others . Granted I run a small kitchen running only 600 meals a day and I do purchase peeled garlic for my cooks , but when I do a catered event I always buy the raw heads and bust them down myself as I can taste the difference . Does any body else have a garlic fettish or am I just wierd . Linguini with white clam sauce , Marinara sauce , Scampi , and of course garlic bread ! The list can go on forever . Am I alone ? Doug ....................................
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I use granulated garlic in spice mixes/rubs.

Fresh bulbs and cloves is what I use for everything else.

I prefere "hard garlic" for personal planting as it creates a great firm,sweet clove. Almost no visable germ.

If you are in a large kitchen with heavy production you can buy 5# units of peeled cloves for general use.


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I've long been convinced that garlic is another overlooked food group.

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We do quite a bit of Southern French cooking in the restaurant, and therefore use lots of garlic. We buy only bulbs which we peel AND de-germ. Every single clove! It makes a big difference, particularly for preparations that require raw garlic. Unfortunately, we still get last year's garlic delivered to us. I can't wait for this year's crop to come in: juicy and tender cloves bursting with flavour, not just heat. Yum....
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Oh Suzanne I love it!!! The meeting we had to form Clayton Farmer's Market was a garlic tasting...17 varities of locally grown garlic...I was crying by the 6th...we stopped by the 9th... man there are some HOT garlic. That was 5 years ago.. since then I've discovered garlic scapes...incredible how could we make early summer food without it? We have fresh garlic on the market...shoot I've been using it for 3 weeks already. French shallots have appeared again... there is nothing like a FINE shallot. Nope garlic lovers use it most any form. Penzy's has a great dried garlic as do the Asian markets with the dried garlic slivers. I have on occasion bought the bulk but it does not compare....I got the tiniest green garlic this spring...so great with roasted chicken. Garlic in many forms!!!!!
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