What's Your Favourite Restaurant?

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Best Restaurants for me are Abacus and Mansion in Turtle Creek in Dallas.
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Charlie Palmer in Costa Mesa, CA. (best Fine Dining in my area)

Craft Steak in Las Vegas, NV. (best i've had in Vegas)
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Best meal ever: Restaurant Daniel in NYC - superlative.

Local favorites - DC area:

Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel, all by Jose Andres

Central - Michel Richard's "casual" restaurant

Joe's Noodle House - real (good) Szechuan food in the MD suburbs

Sushi-Ko - the original location, not the new Friendship Heights spot.

Of course, YMMV at any of these, but I find myself going back to them again and again.
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It's fun to see all these restaurants all over. Personally, my favorite meal is breakfast, so my favorite restaurant is Cafe Patachou. There are a few of them in and around Indianapolis. They really have a unique style, and everything's just indescribably good.

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Mine is a place called Restaurant Como. My dad promised me once they got back from holidays, he'd take all of us, thanks to his job being paid permanent

I keep looking at the menu each day and drooling - i'm hoping that the new menu for this month shall be as cool, because the duck or the venison sounds good..... real good.
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'''Restaurant Pic''''  in Velance France Best meals I ever had.when the father was the chef. Now daughters took over and I have not been there since.
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Was that Chef Jacques Pic?  I pretty sure I read something about that restaurant just last week - a place that's been held through several generations.  Curious now...

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Henry's Fish Restaurant and ironically it is on Frying Pan Island...check it out on Youtube,        Search for........             

  Fly & Dine to Henry's Fish Restaurant with Georgian Bay Airways
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Here in Chicago, my go-to restaurant is Naha (Contemporary American/Californian).  I've taken a number of people there and I also eat at the bar on my own fairly regularly.  In addition to being great food, it used to be a great value.  The prices have gone up noticably over the past year, but the food is still excellent.  It's priced fairly, just not as well as it used to be.  Higher prices or not, it is still my favorite.

Other places I like to eat here in Chicago are Prosecco (Italian), Coobah (Cuban/latin cuisine), Tango Sur (Argentine steakhouse), Wishbone (Southern/soul food), Sepia (American contemporary), Lulu (American contemporary), La Sardine (French), Go 4 Food (Chinese), Cafe Central (Cuban diner), Xoco (Fast casual Mexican), Naniwa (neighborhod-level Japanese) and El Salvador Restaurante (Central American).
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I'm from Louisiana, so clearly my favorites will be near here.

Restaurant August in the Warehouse District of New Orleans could be the single greatest dining experience I've ever had. We went not long after the finale of Next Iron Chef (in which Besh was robbed, but that's another topic) and had the smoked swordfish sashimi that he made in the finale as part of a tasting menu. Outstanding food, wonderful restaurant, great service. Can't say enough about this place.

Another great Besh restaurant, and one that I go to much more frequently, is Luke in New Orleans. Four words: cochon de lait sandwich. Plus the beers they have brewed for them are great.

There are too many other restaurants I love in New Orleans and Baton Rouge to name them all, but a few that I'm particularly fond of are: Bayona, Galatoire's, Felix's, The Gumbo Shoppe, Juban's,

Outside of New Orleans, there's small Italian place called Da Leo Trattoria on South Beach. Food is good, but the atmosphere is better. Probably the best lobster ravioli I've had.

Paesano's in San Antonio is a nice place. For me, the best dish is the Frutti di Mare. Love it.

Another old favorite is the Snake River Grill in Jackson, Wyoming. Lot's of great game dishes, especially the rabbit and the elk.

Slightly off the grid is BO's Fish Wagon in Key West. Basically a parked food truck with a few tables under a shanty roof, but the best fried grouper sandwiches.

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When it comes to Chinese (or any other kind of Asian food) in Houston, the lists are just way too long indeed! For dim sum, I'd also recommend Golden Palace and Ocean Palace.
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The Italian. Commercial st Dundee. The only place locally that i can really enjoy a whole sea bass.......
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Haven't eaten there, but a friend really likes it and he has always said that we'd go there when next up in Dundee  - I'm sure he  told me that the place had been sold recently.
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So many "favorites".  I guess it depends on mood, cuisine, etc.  However, my favorite lunch place is the Parrish Cafe on Boylston St. in Boston's Back Bay.  They have an interesting concept.  They went to the area's top chef's (Joy Adams, Barbara Lynch, Ken Oringer, Ming Tsai to name a few) and asked them to design a "signature sandwich".  They rotate the menu every season, don't have a deep fryer in the house (sandwiches are served with great pot. salad, slaw, or a little of both), and they proudly don't include Bud or any AH beer on their excellent beer list.

Some of my favorite sandwiches are the Regal Regis (steak tips and mushrooms in a baguette), the Rialto (toasted Italian cold cuts with a phenomenal pepper relish), Elephant walking on eggs (egg sandwich from the Elephant Walk restaurant (French/Cambodian).  I've been there many times for "meetings" with staff and vendors and no one has ever had a meal that was less than excellent.

Outdoor dining in the summer is great for people watching.  (The Boston Public Garden's are across the street and Newbury St. starts one block away.)

For French food I like Sel de la Terre a few blocks up Boylston from the Parrish, at the Mandarin Hotel (Copley Square, just past the Boston Public Library).  Took my SO there for her birthday two years ago and she's still talking about it.

Circling back to BDL's question about authentic Chinese, I agree with Ryan.  The better Chinese places have a high percentage of Chinese patrons.  In Boston, I like Chinatown Cafe on Harrison Ave.   Simple cafeteria/takeout style with an open kitchen, English subtitles on the menu, and no "typical" chinese fare like egg rolls or sweet and sour anything.   For dinner I like The Golden Temple on Beacon St. in Brookline.  (Excellent Peking Duck.  Don't bother with their non-Chinese dishes.  Pad Thai was mediocre.)  I've heard the place described as "what you would get if you walked into a good restaurant in Hong Kong".  Strong focus on local fresh ingredients and healthy options (lots of brown rice dishes available).
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My current favourite is influenced by a recent holiday in Spain - Restaurant First, Nerja, Andalucia.

Run by two women who were so creative in taste and presentation...it was wonderful but I am not likely

to visit too frequently...sadly.
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Hit this spot out near the Beaches area for my uncle's birthday back in June.  I don't see much of that big Americanized portions up here but this place does it at a decent price and the food is good.  Start up with 3 dips for your bread (hummus, a creamy garlic dip, and a sweet eggplant salsa/chutney) is excellent, they do a great chicken on a skewer thats probably a good 16oz portion of chicken breast stuck on 2 spits that is literally as big as those used to roast whole lambs but a 1.5ft long.  I looked to my neighbouring tables and saw a mound of lettuce piled high on those big fancy bowls you see at 5star eateries that usually do a 6oz portion of filet mignon; I couldn't tell what salad it was mind you as I was just overwhelmed by the size. 

My biggest complaint is that the uptown location doesn't do the specials like they do in the Beaches location.  The Beaches did an awesome 10oz sea bass that nobody uptown orders...freaking sheep don't know how to eat.  My other complaint, their sides suck.  Mash potatoes and rice are bland and flavorless, the fries are usually stuck together.  Three heads can eat and drink for $80 total (thats non-alcoholic drinks with appetizers and a main). 
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Where to start?  By location? by Genre?

Favorite local high end- Zaika in Clifton park, NY. High end Indian food, pretty building, great service. Plus the Owner knows us on sight, or at least my boy. I think my middle child is the only white six year old who's favorite dish is goat curry. Sonny (the owner) will also rat out the wife if she's been in w/out me (usually w/ her sister.)

Favorite local hole in the wall- Beirut in Troy, highly flavored, their garlic sauce is killer, plus it's close to where I work. Call em and they'll have it ready on my way out. Trust me chest compressions will make you hungry.

Favorite chain- Shane's rib shack, hard to argue with any menu that includes fried Okra, sweet tea and ribs.

Favorite distant- also in the hole in the wall catagory- Puka Puka kitchen (which means little hole in Hawaiian) in Hilo big island of Hawaii. Serves a Mediteranean, Asian, island hodgepodge. Really good flavors, not much to look at but most grab their food and go stare at the Pacific anyway.  Then again most of the places we ate at in Hawaii were fantastic, of course that could have been a little bit of island euphoria.
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My favorite restaurant is Hacienda in South Bend, Indiana. The food is great and very reasonably priced. The Mexican fare is authentic, the atmosphere is fun and exciting and the wait staff is incredibly helpful and kind. I've never had a bad experience and have been there many, many times. They make their own chips and salsa and it beats anything else I've ever tasted. I highly recommend all look Hacienda up if you are ever in the South Bend area.
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The Mexican fare is authentic...They make their own chips and salsa...
While I'm sure it's a good restaurant, it's still Tex-Mex if it's serving chips and salsa. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but not authentic Mexican.

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