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I LOVE eggs, fried tomato, hot buttered toast with smoked salmon! It is gorgeous. I have never been a fan of the typical cereal as I love hot food for breakfast...
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I love eggs benedict but have run into too much disappointment ordering them at restaurants, even if the restaurant is good.  Sometimes the sauce is not good.  But most of the time my poached eggs reek of vinegar.  Come on people, we can't poach an egg in water anymore?  And is it too difficult to toast the english muffin? 


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I love Eggs Benedict too.

For me a mediocre Hollandaise would be the biggest issue with Eggs Benedict.

Have nice wkend.

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I am really honked.   I had to go to Cincinnati Friday and I really wanted to pick up some of those Wonderful Belgium Waffles from "A Taste of Belgium"

Well, the search engines listed Bob Evans as selling them.  I could not imagine it, so I called and asked, and the person I spoke to said "yes well sell them."  And I double checked saying, "You sell waffles from another establishment, not cooked there at your restaurant."  And I was told "Yes, we have a separate bakery where we sell cupcakes and things like that.  We sell the waffles from Taste of Belgium". 

Well, I planned around that, and when I got there, guess what?  No one in the whole store, including the manager had ever heard of it.    The bakery was there, but all they had were brownies and cupcakes.   Blah. So I came home empty handed.  

Taste of Belgium is a bakery started by a man from Belgium who imports his pearl sugar and has authentic equipment.   I am SO upset I was not able to buy any.   

It was after 5 PM by the time I was finished and I was pretty sure the downtown bakery was closed by then.  (Part of a city market)   They also have a restaurant, but could not find parking place.  Both locations are downtown, & it is very hard to find parking place to run in, buy and go back out.  I'll eat alone in a restaurant, but not  on a Friday evening.  I won't go on Friday evening with someone else, even.  

So I could not get my waffles.  :(
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Fresh squeezed orange juice.  Three double shots of excellent espresso.  Platter of perfect smoked whitefish, barbecued cod, and lox, with sliced red onions, black olives, and capers.  Marinated herring with sour cream and onions.  Cole slaw and potato salad.  Poppy seed and "all seed" bagels.  Cream cheese. 

Another double espresso with an egg-cream chaser.


One of our favorites too. This morning we continued to enjoy cold smoked Nova lox I made this weekend. Smoked white fish is a favorite too

I still love eggs as morning meal
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I ate a healthy slice of homemade quiche made with broccoli, green bean, corn, and ham this morning. But if I feel like a bum, I get some kettle corn a spoon a bowl and some milk.
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6 strips of bacon, eggs over easy in the bacon fat, toast, and a cold beer. That was the typical breakfast at the lake on weekends and is still a favorite.
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I have a tradition at this house that every Christmas day is homemade  Eggs Benedict. I even make the English Muffins. (not any where as good as Bay's though....)

But I would have to say that a toasted Pumpernickle bagel with Chive cream cheese, lox, or cold smoked salmon,  or vodka smoked salmon, or maple glazed salmon......

with red onions, capers, a big thick slice of garden tomato, and freshly ground black pepper.  Heaven!!!!
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I'm easy  3 buttermilk pancakes, real maple syrup and butter. bacon or sausage or both , 2 sunnyside eggs, black  pepper and a good cup of coffee.
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BDL....ur too upscale for me,( as far as breakfast), however, if I ever need an elegant menu, I know who to go to.  You sound like a great chef.
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Big spoonful of grits with a sunny side up egg on top, bacon, sausage, or fried fish on the side with some toast with butter and a mimosa.
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Pretty much anything bready and anything that i can't usually get here. 

1. English muffins (Thomas' brand) - could eat them with butter and sometimes jam every day of my life for breakfast and never feel deprived.  With lots of american coffee with lots of milk in it.
I recently tried Alton Brown's recipe for English muffins.  They were surprsingly easy to make and we loved them.  I think I'll make them myself from here on.  Split and toasted, they were superb
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2 stuffed croissants...1 filled with ham cheese peppers scambled eggs etc, maybe some hollandaise poked in there too, 2nd full of cream cheese and blackberry or currant jam etc all heated up with a butter wash atop.
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Sadly during the week breakfast is  a meal we never get sit down and enjoy normally a granola bar as we are running out the door.

But on a sunday my hubby always makes a full english breakfast. (being english an all)

2 Sausages ( normally Bratwurst, he says thats what sausage looks like)

3 slices of Bacon ( from our local butcher, as American bacon don't cut it for him)

Fried mushrooms

Baked beans ( i know what your thinking)

2 Sunny side up eggs

Fried Bread

Grilled tomatos

and BLACK PUDDING (otherwise known as blood pudding). Took me a while to get used to it , but now i love it

and a big mug of hot tea

Unless the Soccer is on (sorry football) then i get to make it as he is pretty dang useless, while its on
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Originally Posted by chefedb  

I'm easy  3 buttermilk pancakes, real maple syrup and butter. bacon or sausage or both , 2 sunnyside eggs, black  pepper and a good cup of coffee.
Originally Posted by ED BUCHANAN   

2 eggs sunnyside on top of a stack with bacon and sausage   A La Denny's  and a good coffee
No one can doubt you for consistency!

... and I agree that is a pretty damn good breakfast!
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I LIKE DENNY'S and if you like it, it's alright with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Crustless quiche Loraine. Perfectly crispy FRESH bacon, not the crap sitting in a pan under the heat lamp. Maybe a couple silver dollars of my blueberry pancakes with boysenberry syrup, and a real French flaky croissant, or two...or three.

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