Whats your favorite station???

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What is your favorite position in the kitchen ? Wheel man , broiler,
saute , appetizers , pantry or perhaps off the line as a pastry chef
or a dinner cook . I must admit that in all my years as a line chef I was most happy working saute . The ability to create wonderfull dishes in one single pan time after time was thrilling . The busyer
the night the better. What an adrenaline rush . Oh yes my next favorite is breakfast at the egg station . Yeah I guess I am a little off in the head but I like it busy and I like it fast . How about you? :lips:


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Working the grill station at places that have a wood-fired grill. There is something that touches the primative side of you.
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I have to agree about working saute! The fire, the smells, the fast pace... the taste of a night well-done. There is nothing more exhilirating that have your mis en place tweaked out and ready to go. I say "Bring it on!"

Garde Manger is a great position to learn about kitchen operations, but lacks a bit of 'gusto'. A good position, nonetheless.
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Ahh the stations. I did them all and have burned corneas to show for my time at the fry cook station when a clam exploded in my eye. Still I have to agree that nothing gets you in a rythym like saute. But I still think the most difficult at times was expiditer. Now thats an orchestration. The one I hated the most has to be personnel. Hiring, firing, training and replacing. Echhh.
Give me pastries anyday.
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Garde Manger, Sauces and Pastries. right now I'm complete short order, with a california menu, and sometimes I even have to do prep and short order simultaneously.
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I have worked cold side, grill, saute, expeditor, pastries and although grill is one of the most exciting positions, I would have to say that pastries is the most rewarding. Making the perfect creme brulee or the richest ganache has a sense of satisfaction. There is also the being in the kitchen having full reign of all the equiptment at 5:00 a.m. Listening to some mellow music, espresso machine fired up. Ah, you can smell it now....
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I love to grill. But I really love to expedite. Keeping it all together. Encouraging the staff. Plus I can keep an eye on every dish that leaves my kitchen. You haven't lived til you've moved 1200 covers across the deck in one evening. Woo-Hoo!
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Well for me the pastry dept. is IT! Your a world of your own making. You set your own challenges, your own pace (by planning ahead) you make your ideas happen...it's the best place in the kitchen. You dance to your own beat and deside what that beat will be.
There are no limits!

Although for interaction and excitement I really have FUN expediting. It's a different celebral thing like a fast dance or like going to an amusement park and being the kid laughing and screaming faster, faster.


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Hey Gang!
Havent been here in a while (I had a busy summer).
My Fav is somewhere between saute and expo. I spent my summer as Expo. and am still doin it.(I havnt done this in a few years so it's fun to "Quaterback" once in ah while.I still like running a packed deck broiler once a week or so - it keeps me humble).Garde jobs are cool but rare on my end, however Id like to spend some time there.
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I almost always work grill. Due to the Restaurant I work in being steaks and seafood I usually cook 75% of all the orders everynight. Every once and a while I will trade with the sautee man and saute for a change. It is great to have a cross trained staff. Thats one benefit to working in a smaller type of place (we seat about 125-130).

I haven't expedited in a long time, but I still will pitch in when we are busy and I have nothing to do.

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I recently got back on the line after 3 years and man, catering is my life's blood but, you can't touch a Sat. night 4 time turnover with a ten foot pole!!! I love it all. But I'm not too fond of the steamer we have (have a swolen hand to prove it) LOVE saute, grill, everything!!!!!

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