Whats your favorite station ?

Joined Oct 13, 2001
So when working a full scale kitchen line what is your favorite station ? Pantry, broiler , saute , wheel , or perhaps eggs at breakfast ? Maybe you like the apps and the fryer ! I myself at breakfast like the fast pace of the egg station . In the dinner house I love saute . I also get a lot of satisfaction out of working pantry . The wheel can be fun or **** , depending on the skill of your crew . Of course after becoming the chef its all about doing it all . So whats your station of choice ?
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i absoulutely love sautee on a busy night- if you are feiling good and you have ten pans going at one time there is nothing better. second fav has to be cold side- sometimes its nice to make salads while everyone else is cussing and sweating..


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I like Entrementier as well, there are a million things you can do with a potato.

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They are all my favorite depending on what mood I'm in. That was one of the the biggest driving factors for me to attain "Chef" status...so that I could work whatever station I wanted when I felt like it!
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