What's your favorite kitchen equipment eg cookware, knives, baking pans, etc.

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I’m a pragmatic home cook. I cook semi frequently, but in large batches. bulk and freeze. I usually cook 5lbs of meat at a time.  Function over form for my kitchen.


I use the Denali Pro 3x camp burner for outdoor cooking.  3 burners 30k btu each.  no cooking with oil inside.  Shooting oil in a 10ft radius just creates too much mess, smells, smoke for me.   paired up with 2 propane tanks to have  a spare to never run out of gas.  I haven’t settled on a grill yet.  I want an outdoor kitchen.  


I like stainless cookware with aluminum mid layer, metal lid, and comfortable handle.  Full clad works, but it’s overrated imo.  I like my bottom clad pots just fine.   I noticed my full clads will overbrown on the side where soup was inevitably splashed.  perhaps side heating it not such a good thing.  I don’t like allclad handles, I’ve had better luck with tri ply full clad from costco and sears kenmore elite when they had it.

Then throw in some large  stainless stock pots (i dont’ like reactivity of full aluminum stock pots) of large sizes where I cook big batches of soup, stocks, etc.  Also non stick fry pans from the restaurant supply (heavy aluminum ones with good handles).    I take care of my nonstick as best I can (no metal utensils touch it).  When their coatings get old, they are tossed ~3 years usage for me.  I only like nonstick where I really need it. They are almost exclusive for eggs.  A heavy cast iron skillet for searing steaks and potatoes.  

I tried copper rimmed pots, but my water reacting with the copper looked splotchy and awful.  It was beautiful new however.  

knives, cutting tools, and sharpening.

Japanese single bevel knife carbon steel chef knife, kanemasa e series gyuto/chef knife is my most used knife, and one of my cheapest to boot.  It just has a nice grind, and nothing slices like a single bevel after you compensate for the knife steering.  Carbon will have off tastes new, ,so rub it some vinegar to patina, then wash after each sharpening.  

Next,  a  cheapy restaurant stamped blade paring knife or 2., and white handled restaurant bread knife, and a medium heavy cleaver.    I have lots of other knives, but those are my most common used.  All my knives have no bolster to be easily sharpened.  

Japanese mandolin (green one).  Microplanes are tossed when they get dull.

Misc stuff

I prefer NSF and pro stuff from the kitchen supply stores (as long as it’s not too huge).  sturdier, works better than the non pro stuff, even though it might look uglier.  mixing bowls are wider and heavier gauge then the consumer stuff.  2-3 aluminum sheet pans very useful, with a nice sturdy gauge.  Big mesh drain bowls, and potato masher, etc.

Also the NSF colored cutting boards (red for raw, yellow for cooked/veg) are the best I’ve used.  I choose the largest size that fits in my dishwasher well.  Wood boards are nicer to cut on, but I like to dishwasher my boards.


in canning jars with a wide mouth jar funnel.    Gallon freezer ziplocks, alumimum foil, and saran wrap all Costco sized.


The only thing I handwash in the kitchen, is the cutting tools, and the lead crystal wine glasses (for special occasions).  hand washing done with dishwashing gloves in very hot water.  My dishwasher is my favorite tool.    Outdoor equipment is pressure washed.

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