What's your cookware dream list? Building my own set...

What's your favorite cookware material?

  • stainless steel

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  • copper

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  • cast iron

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  • enameled cast iron

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  • ceramic

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  • non-stick

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  • other

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  • depends on the item

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Joined Aug 25, 2017
I've been warned off buying a cookware set as you tend to get stuck with certain useless pieces while missing out on some important ones. If I was to build my own set, what items should I make sure to include (or avoid)? Also, any tips on best materials?
Joined Sep 26, 2017
It depends entirely on your cooking style. No items is a must-have and no pieces should be avoided. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you buy whatever pots/pans that look useful to you; start with a cheap but decent brand like T-Fal.

As you cook more and more, you'll naturally know what items and what sizes benefit you the most. Then you can invest more money into getting a better version of those pieces.

By the way, a cookware set might not be all that bad. Your cooking style could happen to match all the pieces on offer. I had bought 2 sets that I'm 100% happy with everything in them.

No comment on the best material though I prefer Thermolon over Teflon for nonstick stuff.
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