What's with "artificial" corks?

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Was dining out last night, and got a bottle of wine with one of those new fake corks. Took a lot of elegance out of the meal. Our waiter also said that Mondovi is coming out with a screw top for their wines.... yuck!
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I didn't know chili joints had wine....screw top maybe but corks!!!! Sorry couldn't help it. Give corks a chance, actually the response I'm hearing from winies (as opposed to whiners) is that they are actually OK...some think better than "real tree" cork. They don't deteriorate, wine has no descernable taste difference.


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We will see more and more of fake corks and,yes, even screw tops. The wine industry is growing and expanding and cork production just can't keep up. Soon, only the great wines may be able to afford to put real cork into their bottles. I think I read somewhere that it takes 20+ years for a cork tree to produce cork with enough thickness to be used by the wine industry. Anyone heard a different number?
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Ditto Dick's response. As a waiter and captain, you'd be surprised at what I've seen guests do with a cork.
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