What's Up With Seasoning Stainless Steel?

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I went to the mall today to buy 1 Viking pan to try it. Inside the box the pan came in was instructions to season the pan with oil.

I didn't buy it

Does it really have to be seasoned?

Viking is 7 ply stainless on surface and bottom with layers of aluminum alloys


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No, it doesn't. But it does help out a pan. And you'll see highly cared for stainless steel in some places that has been seasoned then never washed with soap. Can be high performing and low stick.

But I run all mine stainless steel through the dishwasher which many cooks wouldn't do either.

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I treat Stainless the same as I would Cast Iron. Season it under a broiler and wash it with scalding water only. My best stainless, I'm convinced, would not let duct tape stick.
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Really? I had no idea. I thought stainless steel was supposed to be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

So how do you season it? The only thing I've ever seasoned is a carbon steel skillet: wipe with lard, bake for 2 or 3 hours and let cool down in the oven, slowly.

Same thing for stainless steel?

If you've seasoned a stainless steel pan, can you still use it with acidic foods, or would this ruin the seasoning?
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I would suggest you to season it. As seasoning helps to form a protective barrier against oxidation and it also helps to keep food from sticking to the surface.
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I am not being a wise guy, just curious. I have both cast iron and stainless steel, with neither being seasoned to be non-stick. What do you do about deglazing?
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