What's the one thing you would never eat, even for money?


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I don't eat clowns...

they taste funny.

In Thailand I was offered fried palmetto bugs and scorpions to eat which I did. I did not want to offend my wifes family.
They sure were suprised to see me eat them, laughingly they explained they did not really want to eat them but wanted to see the "farang" eat bugs.  They were not too bad.
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 I have heard that Haggis is actually quite tasty.
I thought so as well!

Although I don't follow Jewish dietary laws, I guess I would call on them as an excuse to avoid eating snake and some of the insects noted here. Actually, insects that have jointed legs to jump and which swarm (think grasshoppers and locusts) are kosher to eat. That was an eye-opener from a recent Torah (Bible) study sesson.

The odd things I'll eat include tripe (honeycomb only- the smooth stuff is foul-tasting and smelling), beef and veal tongue, calves' feet (I've eaten pickled pigs' feet but didn't care for them- mostly the brine), cow or veal intestines when stuffed with a seasoned flour mixture (kishke) chicken feet (if used to make chicken broth), and gefilte fish (basically, fish dumplings). I didn't care for chitlins (A/K/A chitterlings- pig intestine boiled and/or fried), lutefisk and any strong cheese ("young" blue-veined cheeses I do like) and so-called "thousand year old eggs". I won't eat stinky cheeses. Never tasted durian, nor smelled it, but I bet I could tell what it is if I did come across it! The idea of eating the fetal bird is repugnant. Anthony Bourdain ate that in the same show as the beating snake's heart.
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Haggis really IS good to eat /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif     After all, millions of Scots cannot be wrong!
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Durian doesn't bother me, and I've eaten everything from scorpion to sheep's testicles....the only thing I did once and will NEVER do again is Chou Dou Fu, or Fermented Chinese Tofu. Every street corner in SHanghai reeks of the stuff, which is essentially rotten tofu, and makes everywhere smell like ass. It takes exactly like it smells, and there is no way I'll ever make that mistake again.
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We had a discussion on "Chinese cheese" a few weeks ago and nobody seemed very impressed.  Maybe your description will elicit the proper awe.

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Worked almost 5 years in S'pore and I can handle Durian--don't like it, but will eat it "just to be polite".  What I don't like about it is the afterwards part, a few hours later you burp and you want to kill yourself--almost like downing those gelatin cod liver oil pills as kids, everything's fine until you burp an hour later in school.....

No, what I won't/can't eat is rhubarb.  Force fed it as kids,  both of my parents grew up in Europe during the depression and  WWII, and as kids your plate had to be clean at the end of the meal, or else!  While renovating the house a few years ago Dad found remnants of rhubarb "compote" in the hot air registers and rhubarb crammed into the dovetail ways of the leaf extension under the kitchen table.....

Just can't stand it, rhubarb.  Like drinking pure vinegar.  The Swiss have a very apt, albeit crude expresion, that roughly translated goes something like: "sour enough to pull (a certain part of the male anatomy) straight through your  (Uh... "exit").

Then again, I knew waitresses who called honey "bee barf",  and prawns "Sea cockroaches".........
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the Casu Marzu and "maggot cheese" are the same cheese. Saw it on the Fword. It's banned because if you don't chew all the maggots they sometimes live long enough in your belly that they have eaten themselves free and cause internal bleeding at best.. no, thank you.

Maybe these are different from the usual maggots?  Maggots are used in medicine to clean very messy wounds because they feed on the dead tissue and don't eat the live tissue. They also apparently prevent infection.  So unless they're bringing infections with them (the maggots for medicine are raised in sterile environments) I don't see what the risk of the actual maggots would be.  I can imagine that if the cheese is left out where random flies can lay their eggs, the flies are going to be bringing lots of germs with them (considering some of the things flies eat, which may be found on the street). 

Maggots eating the live digestive tract?  surviving stomach acid? seems unlikely. 

Anybody know for sure?  (Not by hearsay on hyped-up tv shows).

I would be totally creeped out to have maggots put on a wound, by the way, though the risks of the alternative might convince me. And I would not want to eat maggot cheese unless i were assured of the safety.

As far as what i would not eat if paid enough?  I would be very willing to eat anything that is eaten by whatever populations if it is not dangerous (well, with the exception of live monkey brains in live monkeys) if I could get enough money to pay my kids' student loans, buy them each an apartment, and be able to retire with a modest income.  

Whether i could choke it down is another thing, but the guarantee of financial security for me and my kids, that would be enough.

If i were starving i would eat anything.  I imagine so would you. 
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Andouilette. Don't, just don't! I ordered it in France not knowing what it was. Well I had an idea it was some sort of sausage, and then I cut into it. The smell, oh God the smell! I couldn't even take a bite, it smelt of faeces, i'm not kidding./img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif
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No matter how good and tasty, I could never take the smell of Durian! Its smell makes me really sick! 
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There is new restaurant that just opened up not far from here and its all Cajun food.

The other day my brother was telling me that he had alligator nuggets........he asked me if I ever had that ? Well, NOoooo I have not but would I try it ? just for being curious , I would.

When it comes to food we do not like, I believe the "mind" controls much of what we decide to put in our mouths. A bad food memory will stop someone from eating a certain food. (like Foodpump....sorry about that )....

The mind is a beautiful thing until the wires get crossed somewhere.....

By the way, does this thread fall under food phobia's as well ?
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I thought that Balut was fermented duck eggs ... even have feathers on the thing ... I might be willing to try one once, I don't know about durian I have never seen one.

But I have eaten cow tongue , pigs ear, pickled pigs feet, turtle and things of that nature, the only thing I didn't really like but would eat again is pigs ear due to the fact that it was boiled and I hate the texture of fat.
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Balut is not fermented duck eggs but premature duck eggs.  Some of them start to develop feathers, but if feathers are present they are considered old and aren't as tasty as the younger variety, not to mention the feathers which are hair-like at that stage give it a really weird texture.  This past summer I went back to Vietnam and tried it sauteed with tamarind and also tried it breaded and deep fried.
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Fugu- Don't think you could pay me to eat something that could kill me, extremely painfully, right now. Bacon cheeseburgers and T-bones, they may get me eventually, but it will be a slow blissful death.

On a side note anyone ever see fear factor when they had the Miss America pageant contestants on. Most of these girls would have a panic attack if a mouse was in the room, but for a shot at $10,000 they'll eat a live hissing Madagascar cockroach. Must see TV.
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Once when the risk of mad cow was high, the butchers started selling ostrich meat.  I thought i'd try it - maybe in a meatloaf.  I have no disgust for eating strange animals, I ate horse regularly during that period when i wanted nice red meat and i still get it occasionally, though it;s expensive.  But i was mixing it up and the ground meat was a little gelatinous, sort of transparent-like. The thought flashed through me, this is what I'd imagine the meat on some strange planet might be in a science fiction movie, some lizard-like animals.  The thought stuck and i tasted it (not bad at all) but my mind took over and i left most of it in my dish - wanted to gag). 

Never had occasion to try rattlesnake or alligator - they don't bother me.  In theory anyway. 
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Durian odor is possibly the worst thing I ever smelled (not ate) If I were asked to describe it I couldn't except to say a blend of all the bad aromas I ever inhaled. Be forwarned do not even handle the fruit as it will cut into your hands(spikes) Best place for it either as fuel for intense fire, or throw into deep water. Enough
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Insects are right up there with me.  One of the specialty candy stores in the market sells lollipops with insects in them.. they are creepy enough to look at and I couldn't imagine eating one.

One of the cooks was telling me yesterday about this street food they sell in the Phillippines.  It is a goose egg with a young goose chick inside.. I think he said the embryo was fourteen days old or something like that.  They cook it up and sell it on the street like we do hot dogs in North America.. apparently it tastes like chicken noodle soup.  He wants to try it.. I think it's nasty!
i agree this is probably the nastiest thing i have ever seen eaten, they call it an egg with wings. it is actually one of their prized snacks down there.
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I think y'all are missing the important part of the equation -- HOW MUCH MONEY?

For the right amount of money, I'd have sex with a cactus.  If it's a pretty cactus, I might do it for free :)

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