What's on your person during service?

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We have those nifty sleeve pockets and a breast pocket. We also wear aprons where some have pockets. And of course wear pants (unless it's a party).

What tools do you keep on you during service? Me, personally, don't carry a cell phone, keys, wallet on me during service. My work keys are near my station. But on me it's...

Fine tweezers and a cake tester in my sleeve. Timer in my breast. Sharpie and pen on apron or center of coat if apron is down. Tong holster in pants. Fixed blade knife. Moleskin.

I ask because it's just in my years I've seen an array of different things. Depending what kind of kitchen and what duties they have. I want to see if anyone has anything interesting/odd/weird on hand.

I've been thinking about carrying a whip or blow gun...you know...something for the servers.
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Ballpoint pen, pencil, highliter, sharpie, thermometer, paring knife in jacket. Moleskine, lighter, cellphone, cigarettes in pants. Sometimes measuring/tasting spoons in my apron if they're rare.
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Well during service i usually dont wear a jacket just a white shirt and apron ( cuz i sweat alot and jackets make me look boxy )

Regardless i dont carry my cell during service. 

Ill usually have pen , notepad , sharpie , and spoons on me. 
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Cell phone, cigarettes, lighter, keys, ballpoint, dry erase marker, sharpie, fish tester, gray kunz spoon.
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Pen, Sharpie and digital thermometer when I'm wearing a chef coat. The coat comes off when it gets too hot (I work at a summer family camp May to August).
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Scrounged thermometer, pen, sharpie, damp waist-cloth, 3 or 4 Xtra-strength Motrins....

oh and cellphone on silent, but ON in case I need to call Mama when things get too scary. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/surprised.gif
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key cards, sharpie, dry erase ( we have white tile walls and all of the ideas, recipe etc end up on the wall and components of new dishes etc ) 
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Too far away! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif

But it's the thought that counts. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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25 yrs in the industry and you develop a Kit that you can take and work with every where -

Pocket Knife , Lighter , Permanent Marker either in my sleeve pocket or double breast , Tea towel tucked into the back of a breasted butchers apron , neckerchief , Skull cap and thongs over the right wrist when not on the stove .

Depending on the level of the cuisine I'll wear a full uniform with black Double Kneed Dickies and Blunstone Boots ( Aussie Leather Slip-on Boot ) or Linen Shorts and a cotton T'shirt .

Awesome thread great to see a certain congruence in equipment all over the world .
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Pen, permanent marker, green tape, offset mini palette spatula, tweezers, tester and utility razor blade
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i got drugs in my pocket and i dont know what to do with them.   o sorry you ment while working
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Sharpie, pen, planner(pocket size ) Iphone, cigs and lighter, oldtimer pocket knife Ive had for 40 years, dig thermometer, a rack of keys to 4 different locations.sadly enough I dont get anyway near as much time behind a knife as I like, too much admin work in my life now.
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Tweezers (unibrow)
Pairing Knife (shanking servers)
Cake Tester (everything but cake)
Spoons (drugs)
Fish Spatula (scraping bottom of shoes)
Towel (@ss whipping)
Sharpie (Don't know what this is for)
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