What's on Your Feet?

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My Eccos are the best shoes I've ever had. I've been wearing them for 4 years now with the original insole and they are great. http://www.eccousa.com/shoes/mens/ou.../1/detail.aspx

I had some noslip from some ripoff company called Shoes For Crews that fell apart in a matter of months. Then I destroyed a few pairs of Doc Martins. It seems like these Eccos are indestructable.
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Right now I'm wearing birks, best decision I ever made. The company I work for makes us wear shoes for crews, but they are the most uncomfortable piece of crap shoes i've ever seen. They are okay for foh but for boh so much food gets stuck in the bottom.
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Back when I had my restaurant, I wore Birkis. I still have a few pairs around the house, and wear them often. Best darn work shoes I ever found. For those of us that participate in the after closing cleanup, the waterproof aspect was priceless.
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Yeah, Shoes for Crews have almost no support, but the soles never slip. The down side is that I have to clean the grooves out with a toothpick and a hose because they do trap alot of dirt.
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I have had my danskos for about 6 months now. I dont have anymore knee probs. but the balls of my feet get pretty sore at the end of the day. Wanting to try the birks... heard lots of great things.
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I have heard alot of bad stuff about shoes for crews. Stories from the shoes falling apart to just plain not getting delivered.
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I have a pair of shoes for crews clogs - they're not particularly comfortable but a nice $20 set of gel inserts corrects that.

They've lasted four years, including a decent amount of time standing on top of pizza ovens to change lightbulbs and pull down hoods. Not great, but reliable.
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I wear black leather New Balance Cross Trainer 606 because it's one of the few shoes that I can get in a wide width (4e). I go through about 3 pairs a year and they only cost about $50 bucks a pair.
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being a former football player (260lb linebacker) with the typical knee problems (torn ACL, miniscus, patella femeral tendenitus, lots of scar cartaladge and a few bone spurs) it has been a challange for me to find the right pair of shoes for the kitchen. i have found that the SUPER BURKI is the most comfortable pair of shoes i have ever worn. did the shoes for crews thing, did the tred safe walmart type thing and i came to the conclusion that i must be the hardest person on earth to keep shoes on! (SFC litterally fell apart on my feet in the middle of a shift 3 weeks after i got them!). the SUPER BURKI's are like walking on clouds about 14 hrs into the new pair. they mold to your feet perfectly and help me keep my balance on even the slickest floors.

PS before i got them after i long shift i had to take serious painkillers to keep my knees from killing me. now i dont need the pain killers at all!!!
THANKS BURKINSTOCK LOL i am like a commercial for them

jolly roger

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When I started in the restaurant industry I quickly learned that dependable footwear would make me less grouchy while working. I wore tank opperator boots for six years and they were great when they were new, but too expensive and the chemicals we used to clean our floors and the grease tore them up pretty bad. I've been wearing Danskos now for five years. I like them with the heel because they seem to stay on better. I clean them with amonia and then apply black shoe polish to them. I've grown so fond of them that I wear them when I'm just running errunds or out to see a movie. My girlfriend is a nurse and also has numorous pais of Danskos and together, we are Dansko freaks.
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Wal-Mart shoes are the way to go. I tell you my treadsafe shoes kicking hard still and its been like 5 years
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Redback Chef Clogs/Shoes made in Australia Not Cheap but by far the most comfortable, :peace::smiles::look:
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Dansko pro clogs... I love them and like another poster I've taken to wearing them even when I'm off so I'm thinking I'm going to get me a pair of dansko shoes for every day!
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Depends on the shift.

For very busy services I prefer to wear Nike skate shoes with tons on padding and support + the Dr Scholls insoles. Makes the hustle easier on the feet, not so great for my back.

The rest of the week I'm wearing Birkis. A little pricey but they last a really long time...the insoles can be replaced before the shoe if need be (and it molds to the contours of your foot after you break it in real good). At the end of a shift I can spin 'em through the dishwasher and they are clean/sanitary and ready for the next shift. Had been wearing mostly sneakers for the past year or so in my last job and since switching back to the birkis i have a wicked pain in my right foot running from my big toe to my ankle...I can literally feel the ligament/tendon/whatever squeaking and stretching. Don't know what's up with that but I don't notice until I get home so...whatever.

Everyone at my new workplace swears by bistro crocs...they look like pretty nice shoes. At $40 I'm tempted to get a pair of those sweet red ones.
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as embarressing as it is, i wear sketcher clogs right now.

i needed shoes, had no money, and they were 25$. they've also lasted over 1000 hours and have kept my back pain at ease :thumb:
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I personally wear a brand called "KLOGS" 25 years, and I finally found shoes that are comfortable and non-skid.
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I got two shoes. My fave one is The professional chef clog then dansko sonja.. Works well with me.. :D
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i was in the birkenstock shop a few days ago and tried on a pair of bistro crocs...ugh, those things are terrible. feels like pins and needles under your feet. i just dont get it.

tried on danskos too. they seemed even heavier than my birkis. and I dunno how i feel about leather in the kitchen.

im stickin with my birkis. they're in the dishwasher right now, actually. can't beat that.

btw, does anyone know of a reputable site where one could order replacement footbeds for birkis clogs...they were $30 in store. a brand new pair of them is only $90...ugh.

Comfy though...5 years later and mine are still kicking.
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Danskos are definitely on the heavy side and that did take me some getting used to as did learning to walk in clogs and not constantly fall out of them! I think I've converted one of our new hires to danskos.. she has payless cheapies right now and they are really hurting her so when she was on a break and I was in the back I let her try on one of my clogs and all she said was... I'm going shopping tonight, these are great... We're on our feet all the time so the better the footwear we have the better for us I think!
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