What's on my chocolate bars?

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This is my first post here and I'm not sure where else to ask this question.. I bought a couple cases of these chocolate bars I like online recently (kinder buenos). When they arrived, I noticed the chocolate was a little melted, which is ok, but I also noticed some strange spots on parts of the chocolate bars that sort of looks like salt.

I tried contacting Ferrero Canada and Ferrero UK since they don't have offices in the USA. Ferrero Canada basically said the chocolate was exposed to extreme temperatures and not much else. The melted chocolate kind of gave me a hint that the chocolate had been exposed to high temperatures. Ferrero UK didn't really say anything, except contact the reseller.

So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what these spots are, and if you think they're safe to eat? They don't expire until September 2016. To be honest, I think I ate 3-4 a week or two before I noticed the spots, and I feel fine, didn't get sick or anything.

Picture in the link below

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Rub the "white stuff"inbetween your fingers. If it feels greasy, its fat bloom. If it feels gritty, its sugar bloom.

Fat bloom is harmless, caused by the chocolate stored in temps above 25-26c, the cocoa butter separates from the chocolate and rises to the surface. Its perfectly safe to eat, just looks nasty.

Sugar bloom is caused by the chocolate stored in refrigerated places. When you take a refrigerated bar into a room temp or warmer enviroment, you cause condensation, particularily when the item is encosed in a airtight package. The condensation dissolves the sugar in the chocolate, the resulting syrup rises to the surface, and then it dries up, leaving white sugar crystals on the surface.
Again, perfectly fine to eat, just looks nasty.

Hope this helps
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Thank you for your replies!

It's hard for me to tell if the white stuff feels gritty or greasy, once i start to rub it, it just melts down quickly before I can tell. I'm sure they're fine, I'm just gonna go ahead and eat them, especially since I think I already had a few without a problem.
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