what's in half and half?

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Sorry for such a silly question , but I can't find the answer. What is half and half made up of? Or how can I make it with milk?

Thank you!:smiles:
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Well if you believe one of my former Scottsdale Culinary Institute graduate Executive Chefs, it's just milk and water. :roll:
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hey! I still want to know! Isnt it too creamy to be diluted milk? I've seen ina garten using it in recipes and it seems to be the equivilent of UK single cream.Is it UHT or fresh?

Ps. It's yeuch! in tea
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I saw a chef in a past forum put up half and half as being half milk and half heavy cream, I didn't find it the first time I searched. That makes sense I think since heavy cream is 30% fat and the recipe I have which is also in French calls for 11.5 % fat. I don't have half and half available, so that is the problem. So, gonna try that...half cream and half milk. Water seems too light.
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Hello. I've always used milk and Heavy Whipping Cream (38 to 40 % ) for a sub, (Top Milk) in ole school script id hard to come by in the big city.So cheers.
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Ay caramba, chica!

1/2 and 1/2 is the equivalent of single cream and light cream.

It was traditionally made by taking fresh, un-homegenzed milk, skimming the cream off of it, then recombining that cream with an equal amount of just-skimmed milk. In short, 1/2 and 1/2 is half cream and half milk.

As I understand it, the modern commercial process for making 1/2 and 1/2 is a little more sophisticated. But we can still make our own in the same time honored way of mixing cream and milk. Whatever. It's plus ca change or cuanto mas cambian las cosas -- no matter how you spell it.

Buena suerte,
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hmmm. So I'm not that far out in left field!! CAKE IS DONE, but it fell down in the middle of the bundt! it'll taste good anyway.

De que se echa a perder, a que me haga daño...no waste!:lol:
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My homemade yogurt is made with 60% h&h and 40% whole milk. Thick and tastey like the Greek stuff.
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Half milk and half water ??? Wow. How do people like this manage to find their way out of bed in the morning? Do they need a map?

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I would've corrected her but she was so pompous.
Plus, correcting your boss isn't always a recipe for success (my favorite recipe :roll:)

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