What's Growing in NOV?

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November 17 Clayton Farmer's Market moves indoors....it is amazing to me that people don't realize that there are fall crops that do very well usually through Thanksgiving. So the items we'll have at Winter Pantry are: Butternut squash, eggs, Asian greens, herbs, garlic, potatoes, shiitakes, turnips, kale, rutabegas, celeriac, if they had survived parsnips, lettuces, carrots, honey, lamb, beef, apples, jams, jellies, sorguhm, I'd love to get the butter lady in....sweet potatoes, beans, popcorn, pumpkins....pears.
What's growing in your area now?
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Turnips,rutabagas,kholrabi,flowering rosemary,delicata,butter cups,gold,white,orange and green acorn squashes,hubbards,empire,macouns,mac,maitzois,pear s,beets,celery root,onions,potatoes ETC!!!!

No going hungry in New England
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Wow our fields are all empty. The only thing in my area 'right now' that is growing... is my clothing size, ready for the Holidays.
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Well, we always have mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, being just south of Kennett Square, PA (mushroom capital of the world... so I'm told) Seckel pears are in, as are persimmons -funny how my neighbor's tree miraculously drops it fruit onto my back steps:lips:, kale, savoy, kholrabi. Its a very 'earthy' time of year.

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