What's for breakfast?

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That looks pretty darn good kk!
I was out on the water loading my stringer when the grumbling started.
Dug in the Igloo and came up with a hunk of watermelon and a diet Dr Pepper!
I seldom drink sodas and never diet ones.
Tossed it back in and had some cold water runoff from the cooler lol.

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Homemade bone broth with full fat coconut milk and sea salt.......mmmm breakfast of champions! lol
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@Koukouvagia  lmao.....I know riiiiight!! It is too funny because I have had to eat this way since before the Paleo diet was coined as a result of an illness. Which was a pain in me arse at the time if you asked me but now I am all "trendy" so I feel "cool"...../img/vbsmilies/smilies/cool.gif  If I could get away with eating your fabulous looking breakfast I wouldn't hesitate!! It looks amazing!!

@AllanMcPherson  Got a good out loud belly laugh from this one.......thank you!

Oh I dream of a simpler time of coffee with lots of cream and a good old fashioned doughnut!!! I would be in heaven /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif
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Today I grabbed a piece of torta pasquale on the way out the door. Had a bunch of spinach and dandelion greens I had to use up the other day. Oh yea, and a boost.
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What is it about the French that they can afford to eat sweets for breakfast and not gain weight?  Not fair!
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Pan dulce is Mexican. Many Mexicans are not thin. Nor are many French people. Ha ha. Life is fair after all!

What I like about them is that they are sweet but not cloyingly sweet. Concha is one of many tasty pan dulce treats.
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Good point. I should have said "not all" instead of "not many". My sincere apologies to all fit French. Mea culpa.
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Made raspberry and cream cheese stuffed French toast dredged in crushed frosted flakes and pan fried in butter. Was so freakin good.. Gooey, crispy, buttery, sweet and tart
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Meds and a glass of V8 with pickle juice and some habenero hot sauce... and a coke...

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