What's a good way to prepare string beans to eat with bbq?

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I would serve them with bacon and onions in the beans. My first answer would have been, I wouldn't serve green beans at a BBQ. But, I figured you already knew that.
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I think they are great with BBQ. I like to serve them as a salad with cherry tomatoes after I blanch them. Or sautéed with garlic and chilis is good too. Can't go wrong with green beans if you ask me!
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My first answer would have been, I wouldn't serve green beans at a BBQ. But, I figured you already knew that.
​I completely agree with this intelligent answer.
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The only way I would enjoy string beans with bbq is as a salad with lots of red onions. 


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A stir fry with strips of char siu. Garlic, ginger a dressed with sesame oil,  chili oil, black vinegar, a little sugar.
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Thinly slice. Blanch. Use to make buchu kimchi (subbing the beans for the garlic chives).
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Brief simmer in chicken stock (or pot liquor if you happen to have some in the freezer) then finish in a bacon and onion saute.

Use the abandoned simmering liquid to cook some very small red potatoes and toss them in as well...

I love fresh green beans and will eat them any time.

My mandatory dish with BBQ is banana pudding lol.

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I would stew them until very tender with tomatoes, bacon, and onion.
Hands down my favorite way but I always get complaints from my boys.

Which is odd because other than lettuce they never touch anything green anyway.

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I think of traditional southern with BBQ.  Render some fat back or salt pork in a pot.  Add green beans (flat pole beans), water or stock just under covered, and salt and pepper.  Reduce the amount of salt if using salt pork.  Simmer until water is almost gone stirring  occasionally. Be careful not to scorch.  The beans should be very soft but not mushy.  When stringing the beans strip a few and put just the bean in the pot.  I know this is not the modern method of cooking green beans but I grew up eating them this way and still love them.   Saturday I had lunch and had green beans served saute in butter and spice until just tender.  They were good too.  I also usually serve BBQ beans or pintos with BBQ.  Green beans  with a Grilled meat. 
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