What's a good, easy to use smoker?

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What's a good, easy to use smoker?

Would like something that would hold several briskets or racks of ribs.
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I use a WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain) and am happy with it.
I think a lot depends what you want to use: electric, charcoal, pellets....
And your budget, obviously


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There has been some past discussion of Bradley smokers here. @nicko has one as I recall. It looks like they have evolved a bit since then.

@pete's comment https://cheftalk.com/threads/smoking-question.95544/#post-570055 about it's ability to hit temp in adverse conditions is worth considering. I've thought about an insulating blanket for my smoker and Traeger does make some. But the models have all changed since I got mine. It's best to buy one when you buy your smoker because if they change the models next year, they're not likely to order any more blankets for older models.

GRISUN seems to make ones that might fit my smoker. I'll have to look into it more.

If you want to do cold smoking, you probably have most of what you need for that. Add a smoke tube (A-Maz-In is my preference) and some pellets to your current grill set up and you're good to go. But you'll need cooler ambient temps that are starting come along now in the Northern Hemisphere. I use the smoke tube even for hot smoking on my Traeger as I think it burns too cleanly and doesn't generate enough smoke.
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I have a small Bradley and like it. It's not really quite low enough for true cold-smoking -- fish tends to flake a bit -- but it's easy to use and straightforward to deal with. It's perfect for someone like me who doesn't really use it all that often, and whose wife would object strenuously to some big object made from oil drums in the backyard.

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