What's a divider?

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Hello, I would like to know what's a divider for, I know it is used in pastry, but I can't understand its use as I am a foreigner. Can somebody give me a definition?
Thank you very much for helping me,
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A divider is a large heavy squat machine that looks a little bit like R2D2. It has a gap in the top into which one shoves a round plastic tray with a weighed flattened piece of dough. A handle is then used to bring down an array of knives and the dough is divided. If it is a divider/rounder, another handle is moved and the bed on which the dough rest oscillates and rolls are formed.
The weight of the rolls is determined by the weight of the piece of dough. Somewhat differently shaped machines are used to divide dough for loaves. They are an enormous time saver in busy shops.
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