What you really want t get from a school!

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    Many years ago I was searching fo the "right" school. I looked at all of them and had to answer the question what would I expect after this time ? Well it's been some time and I would advise against spending a bloody fortune going and expecting to be a James Beard canidate. School should teach you fundamentals on techniques, if they offer business side classes do that certainly. But if you are not talented then you just aren't. You can be in other areas than being a chef. Many go because of a schools name but don't grasp the situation, schools are for-profit entities, not in it for the pure love or passion of food. You will graduate and have substantial debt and little ways to pay as you are at the bottom of the brigade, you need experence under a caring chef who likes you and wants to hand down real world knowledge. You need to show some stability and move up the ranks as your abilities allow. I started out in the dishroom, a 4.0 isn't relavent  there but I learned all the stations over time and finally opened my first place, all a wake up.Now years later I have returned to get an advanced degree and see the hope and wonder of "new" students. I haven't lost my passion, just have a wisdom from time, you need exerience period. So go volunteer or intern under a good chef. This will go a long ways in your growth as a newbie. If you are in Southern Caifornia definitely check out Orange Coast College  in Costa Mesa a great program and its virtually free,the hot foods team was victorious over several private schools. Its not what you pay or where you go but what you bring to the table. Good Luck!