what would you want to learn?

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2006, ST. Louis Culinary Society elected me program chair....that means I plan approx 12 professional programs.

Got an informational one at a University that is featuring local food in their cafeteria with dinner.

How to write cookbooks by several local authors.

wild mushrooom tasting

annual picnic

.....so what would you like to taste, learn?
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I'd love to take a refresher course on simple cheesemaking. And get a little more caught up on American artisanal cheeses.
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Me too...I've always wanted to make mozzerella. A couple of years ago we went to a home that had goats, the owner makes cheeses....not licensed nor inspected....the group was turned off.
We have a large cheese wholesaler in the group that has given tours of his place throughout the years.

The raw milk cows milk guy got busted by the health dept.....he got mouthy and it went south quickly....bet he's gotta alotta milk on his hands now......

Salt....various salts would be fun. or btl water.....
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is it for pro cooks or house-hold cooks??

cheesemaking is always a favorite, making ricotta and mozzarella is pretty easy

most cooks on these bulletin boards are always asking about food costs and such, maybe a foundation on costing and spreadsheets. Its not just about cooking when you work for tyrant owners and hotels.

Garnishing is always cool

Food Photography

Cooking Styles- sous vide, a la plancha, foams, emulsions

proper pairings- someone once said a novice cook with a few squirt bottles and an Art Culinaire can be a dangerous combination, for any good sous chef I like to give them the book culinary artistry that has a good section on which classic flavors marry well with ingredients

pulled sugar and pastry tricks would be a crowd pleaser too

best of luck!!!!!!!
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How about foraging for other items besides mushrooms. Along the lines of the late Ewell Gibbons, and how it might relate to the different locals.
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can't go wrong with regional/ethnic foods, the St. Louis area has rich history of native american influence. maybe coupled with a trip to the dirt mounds at Cahokia?

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yeah I'm into the Ewell Gibbons mode....one of the chefs I worked with this past weekend forages on his winery's property in Napa.

These are pros not all cooks......some food photographers, some writers, some RD, some own companies.....all make their money from Food in one way or nother.

Thanks all for the input.
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Ok...had the initial membership meeting.....

I'm working on "how to write for a magazine" workshop, there was some interest not as much as I'd anticipated but will open it up to students and ACF'ers.

The best wine restauranteur in town offered to host a wine class, this is his synopsis....I've been thinking about a theme. How about Wines People are Buying Now. this is what he wrote:

I've managed to pick up a thing or two about wine over the years, but I've never even been interested in studying for the Master Sommalier test. If I have any particular expertise, its in judging the market for wine people will buy and like after they buy it.

And some of my server training stuff: how to talk about wine so people will understand what the **** you're saying. How to interpret other people's wine speak so you can figure out what the **** they are talking about. Andy's patented formula which, once you've heard it, you will ALWAYS remember how wine is made.

Melissa Produce is coming out with a cookbook so I'll snag them when they come to town for a presentation and Q & A>

We'll rent a bus, tour a farm and have a picnic.....

I'll hire a mycological buddy to take us on a foray, really wanna hook up with a wild edibles guy so I can get something out of it.

Then the weirdest thing was on the survey the president passed out and I have no clue as to what it means......hands down this was the most popular.
"Behind the scene-look at "weird and wonderful" food in STL"?

Then we're going to do something with catering, food styling and props. Not sure what yet.

Then possibly bringing in a BIG NAME for the community as well as ourselves.

Holiday party is in Jan.07.........

It's really cool when there is an active flow.......
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Ok this is really gross.....I found out that an editor friend of mine had a story run about weird local food....
Slingers: hamburger patty/patties with chili, fried eggs, onions, cheese
(I would assume you'd need to be well lubricated to eat it)

Snoot Sandwich: grilled piggy snoot with BBQ sauce on white bread

St. Paul Sandwich: egg foo young on wonder bread with a slice of yellow/orange cheese, mayo and sometimes lettuce. Usually in the $2 ballpark at greasy spoon Chinese.

Gooey buttercake: yellow dense cake that they didn't let cook all the way. It's a local thing

Toasted Raviolis: actually they are breaded, deep fried and served with red sauce.

Can you imagine getting on a bus and visiting these locations with middle-aged women.....PLEASE.
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I am not sure if this fits here but when i was in Melbourne Australia (some really amazing and cheap products there!) they had an Aussie burger. I was partying, cooking, and eating plenty, but I think it was with Cheese, French fries and an over easy egg on top, oh also bacon, man after a long nite on the town there it is something like soul food.
also love and origional po-boy, French fries (or Babrant potatoes) slathered with Debris gravy/chunks on a Lidenheimer roll with Mayo, lettuce, tomato and onions (dressed for ya'll who don't know). It is trhe heart stoper 250 but good after to much fun at a Mardi Gras!
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ohhhhhh......yummy....fried starch on starch with debris!!!! my fav or at least close to a blackened ham biscuit. Who served up this delicacy? The only restaurant I knew who had debris was Mothers. Boy I miss New Orleans.
Don't think this is the thread for remembrances on inebriated dining but I love the Po'boy. But then I wasn't a Masparo's fan.....There was a place in Uptown off one of the President streets that made a very fine po'boy....now what was the name of that place?!!!!hmmmm maybe time to hit the archives.
They even had great boudin balls.

Wonder if Slow Food will put it in the Ark?
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I don't think I have any new ideas, I'm just voting for ones already mentioned.

Personally, I'd like the one on food styling for photography. It's one thing to have it pretty on the plate for the customer, and another thing to have it presentable for a website. I mean, how do you make sausage gravy on biscuits NOT look like someone's been sick? I'd REALLY like to know, as that is what most of my guests want to eat.

I'd also like one on costing and one on broadening a region's food awareness (I'm tired of sausage gravy).
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1970's my mom had an ad agency in Memphis, Tenn. and I was recruited (think I was in college at the time) to food style for a series of spice mixes. Sausage gravy was one of the dishes.....as I recall it was on a rimmed diner plate with a bouquet of parsley and big chunks of cooked sausage.....beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess....nope still looks like puke.

Last year we had a session in a food photographer's studio that included styling for someone that does it for a living....actually several someones.
So, we're going to twist it and try to find event planners that want to showcase their shtuff....shouldn't be difficult since I just joined ISES which is an event planning group.

Still fleshing out the magazine writing workshop.....got the editor's interested but need to make sure we walk away with the ability to use it. This is going to need some serious work.
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