What would you order for your last meal?

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From a chowhound.com thread: If you got to order anything, as many courses as you could handle in one sitting, what would it be?

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One man's answer:

Yes, I know it would be an emotional moment, and perhaps I too would be unable to eat. And, for the record, I'm vehemently against the death penalty.

But in the event that all my appeals were exhausted, Bush was still in the White House, and I was still hungry, I'd request the following:

1) A glass of iced mint tea from the Kebab Cafe in Queens accompanied by a small plate of babaganoush
2) A tablespoon of homemade mango sorbet
3) Two sashimi slices of the highest quality fatty tuna, price no object.
4) 1 shrimp dumpling, one pork dumpling, two pieces of shortribs and three clams in black bean sauce, and several sprigs of chinese broccoli in oyster sauce. Must be from a banquet-style dim sum restaurant in the San Gabriel valley of Los Angeles. To be accompanied by a pot of one of the more expensive green teas for sale in San Francisco's Chinatown.
5) Two tablespoons of tangerine ice from the Benfaremo's Lemon Ice King of Corona
6) A selection of small italian appetizers, at the discretion of a chef to be chosen from a field of applicants at a competition on the prison grounds judged by five chowhounds of my choice.
7) A half slice of Artichoke Pizza from DiFara's Pizzeria, all parts of which must be cooked by Dominic Himself, and a half slice of apizza from Sally's in New Haven, so that someone can finally make a side-by-side comparison. Accompanied by a small glass of Coca-Cola from Holland made with sugar, not corn syrup.
8) An Italian beef sandwich from Johnnie's in Chicago, sweet and juicy.
9) Two tablespoons of Johnnie's lemon ice.
10) Three ribs from Kansas City, a small plate of brisket from Texas, a small pork bbq sandwich from North Carolina, all from relatively unknown spots; cornbread baked on the premises by a fellow inmate's mother, a fried chicken leg from New Orleans sitting atop a small plate of red beans and rice, accompanied by a fried oyster. Sweet tea on the side, no lemon.
11) A huge plate of hand-cut double fried (in duck fat) french fries made from European potatoes, each approximately 2.5" in length, a third of an inch wide, and a quarter of an inch in height. Lightly salted with sea salt (from a sea of my choice) and matched with the chipotle mayonnaise dipping sauce from Bonnie's Grill on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn.
12) Freshly brewed Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk and wasabi-seaweed-honey snacks from Japan.
Fifteen minute break
13) Once carnitas taco, one cabeza-- from a street cart in East Los Angeles. Paired with a light, fruity Manzana del Sol.
14) Fiery-hot green chile from New Mexico. I don't know how this should be served, but someone from there surely will. Also a cheese chile relleno and a half cup of pinto beans cooked with lard and salt pork, Dominican-style. Pitchers of tamarind juice and horchata nearby.
15) Three tablespoons of canteloupe ice from Benfaremo's in Queens.
16) The appearance of a tall, attractive Brazilian wielding a skewer of filet mignon, blood sausage, and two other select cuts of meat, to be sliced and dropped directly into my mouth while I am laying back in a lawn chair. There will be four types of potato salad from around the world (Brazil, Korea, Germany, and a Waldbaum's on Long Island, for its kitsch value), which I will be spoon fed. Light bossa-nova to be playing in the background. This will continue until I say so. Drink: some kind of fruit punch concoction. Tropical. Not too sweet. Chunks of fruit and rind intact.
17) Coffee: a pot of freshly roasted Ethiopian bean blend selected by Dr. Illy especially for the occasion of my death, brewed by a Seattle barista, at least 25 years of age, at methods left up to his/her discretion. Served with one banana sticky rice and one taro sticky rice from Sripraphai in Woodside, Queens.
18) A chocolate bar. From Belgium. Made by monks from an old secret recipe.
19) A glass of domestic spring water from a creek. Served chilled.

-Chris Armstrong
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As many oysters as I could possibly handle, all on the half shell, and different types from all over the world. Tabasco on the side.

A selection of Russian caviars with blinis.

A shot of good vodka.

Avocado with lime juice and sea salt.

I definitely agree; there must be ices from the Lemon Ice King of Corona. My first choice would be pistachio.

Lindt truffles.

Nothing too complex.


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I'm hesitating between lobster and duck... For dessert I'd like a tarte tatin or an amandine.
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The sun on my face,my toes in the sand and the tiny bead of sweet necture from the honeysuckle flower. a warm slice of great bread drizzeled with olive oil. My mothers brisket and matzo balls. My love of my life Jill would be by my side...as our daughters dance and sing a soft song....
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Meal A :I'd start off with an assortment of sushi rolls and sashimi, don't hold back on the wasabi.
Then it would be a pineapple sorbet, followed by a top sirloin steak topped with a bearnaise, served with roasted red potatoes and steamed asparagus. A small garden salad to follow and then a fruit and cheese platter filled with all the really expensive cheeses from around the world and to top it of a bottle of Dom Perigon champagne.

Meal B : Pizza and Beer, while watching a hockey game.

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My brother said Dodo bird roasted !!!!

Hm...Seared Foie with bitter greens and raspberries
Scrambled quail eggs on a lightly poached oyster
Sauteed soft shell crab with lumps of blue crab adn lemon...
Fingerlings in sauteed in olive oil with chanterelles and tarragon
mixed baby root veg...
Veal with a demi and morels, hit of cream,fresh pasta to absorb the sauce
Beet salad with goat cheese and sherry vinegar
Grange Grunge '76
Cheeses....5yr gouda, Chatham Camembert, Door County sheep cheese, stilton, shropshire.....
Chocolates, belguim truffles, fruit jellies

alittle arsenic so I could just sleep into death before the heartburn set in.
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I would demand a day (with helpers, grocery-runners and dishwashers) in a perfectly-equipped kitchen, accompanied by all my cookbooks. I would choose from my shortlist of Elaborate Things I Must Try One Day, and cook the most attractive-looking prospects. At least one thing would be one of the more freakish recipes by MFK Fischer.

Then I would sit and eat it, at a beautifully appointed table with smooth linens, real sterling cutlery and crystal glasses. I would have a little stack of small china plates by my elbow, and give bites to the guards... "Here, try this. What do you think, more basil? A touch of cayenne?"
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For my last supper:

A whimsical and very flavorful starter: Delicate cone-shaped black sesame crackers filled with crème fraiche and salmon tartare, speckled with chives;

Three freshly-made breads were offered throughout the meal: French, seeded, and potato, served with soft butter;

Appetizer: Sweet summer white corn agnolotti with Italian summer truffles and white truffle oil;

Seafood: Oven-roasted monkfish tail with braised Cipollini onions, baby leeks, glazed pearl onions, and rue-scented onion glaze;

Meat: Rib-eye of lamb en persillade with a cassoulet of summer pole beans and thyme-infused extra virgin olive oil; Pan-roasted duck breast with olives, roma tomatoes, wilted arugula and sautéed duck foie gras;

A simple prelude to the real dessert course: Warm summer berry soup with mascarpone sorbet;

Dessert: one of French Laundry's signature dishes is the delightfully named coffee and doughnuts -- a cinnamon-sugared doughnut served with a coffee cup filled with cappuccino semifreddo;

Post-dessert: Tahitian vanilla crème brulée; Strawberry pot de crème; and then for the finale, a plate of mini-sweets: raspberry tart, passion fruit gelee, and pistachio cake.

Accompanied with the best wines!



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You're welcome to join me Kimmie. Since it will be the last meal, lets splurge and have duck & lobster. What theck let's add foie gras and champagne.

There is one problem though, I am not too sure of the date.... :D
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Fresh guacamole.
Fresh mangos.
Fresh salsa.
Thai iced tea.

As a meal, the food of the gods. I would eat until I passed out, then death wouldn't be as painful. Hmmm.... looks like I"ll have to die in Mexico or South America, or possibly Thailand.

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I have thought and thought about this. Many of you have really exciting menus and exotic choices. They sound great!

But me, I guess I would have mom's homemade lasagna, fresh, hot bread, and someone to find me a nice, mellow, red wine. If I still had a little room left, perhaps a simple slice of New York style cheesecake. And my family to share it with.
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Well, I can only think of one thing to say.

It would be one L O O O O O O O N G meal! :D
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Cape, that's one of the most beautiful things I've read in a long time. It brings tears (the good kind) to my eyes every time I read it. Thank you, my friend.

My last meal? It would also be cooked by Mom and anything she made would be good; she's a fantastic cook and the inspiration behind what I do. My whole family, cousins and all, would be there and my friend Mikey and others waiting on the other side.
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This thread got me thinking about what people have actually ordered for their last meals. A very macabre but interesting list would be the compilation of last meals of individuals who were put to death. Of course, since most of the people in the US who were put to death were put to death in Texas, I'd imagine there'd be a lot of orders for steaks. I wonder what cut they got? I wonder what the most unusual order was. I wonder whether anyone's order has been refused.

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