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Hi Cheftalk, first post here.
I'm currently working as a Chef are Partie in a high end winery restaurant in Australia but with all my past experience combined, I have no culinary schooling and only have about 7 months practical experience under my belt.
At the end of this year I will be returning to my home in England and I would love to continue in the industry. Would people recommend studying at a school? Or an apprenticeship? Multiple chefs I work with here tell me I work as if I have years of experience in kitchens and I don't feel like starting again in the wash up station. I like being taken seriously and not how I see many apprentices dealt with.
Any help would be appreciated, life dilemma!
Thanks guys.
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Well in my opinions, good cooks don´t stay washing dishes for long. 

If your resume lacks the experience you need to take a line cook position, then maybe you will just have to take what you can get and work your way up. 

If you know you don´t haven´t been in the industry for such a long time, you just have to grind and prove that you need to be taken seriously. 

Like i said "good cooks don´t stay in the dish pit long". 

Hey maybe you wont even start in the dish pit, maybe they will give you something in the pantry, garde mange, the point is, its not something to be ashamed of to start at the bottom and work your way up. 

If anything it shows determination and shows willingess to put in the work to grow. 

I have been in the industry since i was 16. Started BOH officially when i was 18. Today in my early twenties, after almost 4 years of actual cooking expererience and over 5 years of experience in the food and hospatility industry, i sometimes will still take a job below my standards just to get my foot in the door to work my way up. 

I´m not ashamed of that, actually im proud, because if anything it shows i can work in all parts of the kitchen correctly during anytime. Its actually a benefit and not a disadvantage. 

Eventually even a line cook may need to go help in the dish pit. Even a chef will. 

Just go with the flow, get your foot in the door, and show your strengths. Don´t worry so much about the position, care about the opportunity and the potential to grow. 

Also you posted the thread in the wrong category.... this is something for professionals in the industry to answer not the culinary school category. 
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